Laser eye surgery costs

Please note that our prices are fixed in Hungarian Forint ( HUF).

EUR prices are calculated with: 300 HUF/Euro and  and GBP prices are calculated with 345 HUF / GBP.

We accept cash payment only in HUF the following credit and debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Vpay, JCB

ProcedureOur price HUFOur price EUROur price GBPSaving compared to other countries
Eligibility examination & postop.checkupsFreeFreeFree100%
Intra(Femto)Lasik HD257 000 HUF/ eye960 EUR/ eye£ 830 /eye80%
LASIK based on wave-front analysisn/an/an/a-
Intra(Femto)LASIK procedure based on wave-front analysis297 000 HUF/ eye815 EUR / eye£ 710 / eye43%
Cataract operation230 000 HUF/ eye770 EUR/ eye£ 670 / eye40%
Cataract operation with Alcon AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens implantation353 000 HUF/ eye1180 EUR/ eye£ 1023 / eye52%
High short-sightedness and farsightedness (above +7 and -13) treatment with lens extraction230 000 HUF/ eye770 EUR / eye£ 670 / eye40%
Laser blended vision procedure for two eyes327 000 HUF/ eyes1055 EUR/ eyes£ 1720 / both eyes73%