Calf reshaping surgery

Calf augmentation with Implants
Having more muscular shape is very important nowadays for many of us and the number of patients mostly men who had undergone such a surgery is growing extremely rapid. Calf augmentation is for modifying the shape of the calves.

Some of us no matter how hard are making exercises, the muscles still do not develop and calf augmentation with teardrop-shaped or spindle-shaped silicone implants provides a solution to such problems. Calf augmentation can be performed for cosmetic reasons and also be done to correct physical defects.

Considering calf augmentation surgery abroad?

Nowadays many people travel abroad to have their cosmetic surgery. Among many European countries Hungary is considered home of some of the finest cosmetic surgery clinics and world renowned highly qualified plastic surgeons. Another incentive for people to travel to Budapest, Hungary for plastic surgery treatment is the quite considerable savings on treatment costs.

Who is an ideal candidate for calf augmentation?

Everyone could be an ideal candidate for calf augmentation surgery who is emotionally and physically healthy, well-informed, with realistic expectations and who understand not only the benefits, but also the limitations of the surgery are more likely to be satisfied with their results. You must know that plastic surgery is performed for improvement not perfection. You must do it for yourself and not to fit someone else’s expectation.

To be an eligible candidate, one must be over 18 years of age. We recommend consulting with one of our plastic surgeons personally and discussing the procedure in more detail prior to making any final decision regarding your calf augmentation procedure.

To book an appointment, contact us by sending an e-mail or complete our free consultation form.


Preparing for the surgery

First you should find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Pre-surgery preparation starts with your initial consultation, where you can determine the size and shape of the implants. Making sure you cease smoking, taking specific medications, and follow any instructions and advice offered by your surgeon. As before almost any other cosmetic surgeries, couples of tests and pre-examinations are necessary to make.

It is also essential to make post surgery arrangements, organizing accommodation, and transport to and from the clinic well in advance.

BeautyHungary is happy to do all this for you for free of charge.

How is calf augmentation performed?

Calf augmentation usually requires about 45 minutes for the plastic surgeon to perform. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Patients lie on their stomach during the operation.

First the surgeon makes an incision where the natural crease is on the back of the knees. Then the right sized and shaped calf implants are inserted into their place, above the muscle. Your surgeon carefully examines to make sure the legs are symmetrical and look natural. If the results are pleasing he closes up the incision with stitches.

Recovery after the surgery

One overnight is required to stay at Clinic under medical supervision. You must stay in Hungary until you check up, which will be on the 7th day after your operation. You will feel a little pain and discomfort after the operation, but this pain can be relieved by medication prescribed by the surgeon.

Some bruising and swelling might occur for a couple of weeks. Most people can return to normal activities after 7 days, however, for one month after the surgery extra care must be taken. Your plastic surgeon will provide aftercare instructions for your healing period.

Risks and complications

All kinds of surgeries carry some risks and limitations. Therefore, it is essential that any decision to undergo a calf augmentation be based on professional advice and realistic expectations. At calf augmentation surgery infection and bleeding as well as asymmetry of the calf implant can occur. Our surgeons at BeautyHungary are happy to inform you about all potential risks and complications associated with calf augmentation so don't hesitate sending us your concerns or questions.

Costs for the calf augmentation surgery

The price includes: personal consultation with your plastic surgeon, general anesthesia, calf implants, surgery, one night at the clinic, medications and post-surgical controls.

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