The Wavefront laser eye surgery

The primary refraction defaults are easily measurable in dioptres, and can be treated with glasses, contact lenses or by conventional laser eye surgeries. The human eye has secondary, very tiny refraction defaults as well, which affect clear vision focus. A long time ago, scientists discovered these secondary refraction defaults, but they weren’t even measurable, so they did not treat this problem at all.

Wavefront diagnostics is quite an old technology used by astronomers, but it has only been applied to human vision in recent years. It meant a huge step in the field of eye surgery.

The LASIK Wavefront technology

Wavefront can be used for all types of laser vision corrections, such as PRKLASIK and IntraLASIKsurgeries. If the LASIK wavefront technology is used during the treatment, fewer complications are likely to arise. The quality of the patient’s vision improves to a much higher degree when compared to the traditional laser eye treatments.

There will be improvement in the tiny details, and also in the sensitivity to contrast. With wavefront laser eye surgery, patients can achieve better results, and there is a lower chance of losing the optimal correction of your vision. Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced wavefront diagnostic devices to provide service of the highest quality.

Diagnosis based on wavefront

In recent times, the mainstream vision correction laser equipment manufacturers have developed their own systems, such as WASCA (Carl Zeiss Meditec), Zyoptix (Bausch & Lomb), CustomVue (AMO or Visx), NAVEX (Nidek), LadarVision (Alcon) and also their PRK or LASIK treatments, but the truth is that all of them are based on the same wavefront diagnostic system, and the conventional LASIK technique.

With conventional eye examinations and treatments, only lower-order vision defaults could be diagnosed and treated. The newest method, which uses wavefront-guided lasers, is used to reduce certain higher-order aberrations. Wavefront analysis can also determine whether a wavefront guided treatment is required or conventional surgery would be enough, or the patient should not have laser eye correction surgery at all.

Wavefront LASIK and PRK surgeries for better results

The Wavefront LASIK technology is extremely precise and can measure the smallest defaults and distortions of vision. The price is higher than it is in the case of conventional laser vision surgeries, but the treatment is also more precise, it is safer and more accurate. Another benefit of choosing Wavefront laser eye surgery is that patients will achieve a vision of higher quality than with traditional laser eye surgeries, and the healing period is even faster then it was before.

Secondary refraction defaults can not be treated with glasses and contact lenses. The only solution is the so-called flying-spot laser, which is able to correct these tiny aberrations during vision correction surgery. At our clinic, our surgeons evaluate the secondary refraction errors before the laser eye surgery with the help of Wavefront analysis, and correct them with flying-spot laser during the surgery. Wavefront laser vision correction procedures can be obtained at our clinic to put an end to primary and secondary refraction defaults at the same time.