Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract is a condition in the lens of the eye, which is characterized by blurring and cloudiness. It is usually a condition that comes with aging, and many people have to face it in their lives. Cataract can severely deteriorate the vision in the affected eye. This problem cannot be cured via laser eye vision correction surgery procedure. The only possible intervention is the removal of the blurred lens which is then replaced by a special artificial lens. The artificial lens is inserted through the pupil. This procedure completely removes the problems caused by cataract.

What technology is used?

At our clinic, we use the most advanced American technology available in the industry. This ultrasound treatment is called phacoemulsification. With this type of cataract operation, the wound is much smaller than in traditional cataract removal procedures, so the recovery period is much shorter.

How is the cataract operation performed?

The cataract operation is done under local anesthesia. Hospital stay is not needed after the surgery, but a one-night rest is advisable in a medically supervised hotel room which is available in the same building where our clinic is located.

What other materials are used in the cataract removal surgery?

At our eye clinic, we use the most up-to-date plastic lenses available on the market. When the blurred lens is removed, the artificial lens is necessary to restore the focus of the eye. The plastic lens is inserted into the eye through the same, few-millimeter wide opening. This procedure, combined with laser eye surgery, produces a perfectly sharp vision for everyone.

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