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Combined plastic surgeries
Cosmetic surgery packages, also known as combos, are based on the concept that once an individual is prepared to go under the knife, deal with the recovery process, and spend a certain amount of money on it, then, instead of performing a single procedure, plastic surgeons might as well treat several areas or problems.

In fact, plastic surgery clinics have been offering for years combination procedures or surgeries that target various regions of the body or more than one disorders in the same region. BeautyHungary attaches the utmost importance to patient feedback and we strongly encourage our clients to share their experiences and opinions of the service they received. Listening and paying particular attention to them helps us not only consistently improve our service but also create combo packages of the most frequently sought-after combinations.


If you’ve ever dreamed of changing more than one area of your body, now is the time to learn about por board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Molnár’s combo specials for body restoration in Budapest, Hungary!

By scheduling two or more procedures at the same time, you can take advantage of significant savings in both time & money because Dr. Molnár can work on multiple areas of the body in succession:  one anesthesia & the same recovery time all for a special reduced price!

There are certain cosmetic procedures, however, that work especially well in combination with other cosmetic procedures to achieve the most exciting results.  For example, Dr. Molnár can perform a face-lift in conjunction with a liposuction for dramatic results, but due to the length of the procedures, a patient cannot undergo a face-lift with a tummy tuck.  


Thinking of affordable combo surgeries  in Budapest, Hungary?

We are happy to provide you with more information on your personal options.

See some of our previous patient's cases at our before-after Gallery

Here are Dr. Molnár’s most updated specials, which include both body restorations & single cosmetic procedures for each patient traveling to Budapest to experience these life-changing makeovers together.   


  • Mid face-lift & liposuction or
  • Mid face-lift & breast augmentation (either implants or reduction or lift)




  • Full face-lift, which includes the neck, & eyelid surgery 
  • For men:  rhinoplasty & liposuction around chin & neck to define the face



  • Full face-lift & eyelid surgery or
  • Tummy tuck & eyelid surgery



  • Liposuction & arm lift or
  • Liposuction & tummy tuck or
  • Liposuction & rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery



  • For mom:  tummy tuck & breast lift
  • For daughter:  liposuction & breast augmentation with implants




  • For him:  Liposuction in the breast or stomach  
  • For her:  Breast augmentation with implants


Siblings Change your DNA together!

Sisters: breast augmentations with implants or liposuctions

Brothers:  rhinoplasty or liposuctions


Bride and Mother of the Bride

Breast augmentations with implants or liposuctions


Feel free to ask any questions you still have regarding the procedures, we will thoroughly answer each of them.

  • Special winter offer

    Winter offer

    If you are thinking about having a plastic surgery procedure, there is no better time than Winter!

    Winter months are considered to be the perfect time of year to create the look you have been dreaming of! Contact BeautyHungary today and see what we can offer you to get the dream shape for the summer!

  • Mommy makeover OFFER


    Breast correction and tummy tuck combo surgery
    incl.surgery,anesthesia,3 nights at the clinic with 24 nurse service and catering,check ups, medications,garments. FREE airport transfer! more...

  • See what others say:

    Elizabeth from Sydney, Australia

    "Hi Szilvia,

    I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do... read more...

  • Thinking about breast implants?

    Breast augmentation
    from only £2,560/ € 3200

    Breast lift and augmentation with implants
    from only £2,800/ € 3500

    Breast reduction
    from only £2,560€ 3200

  • Mid or mini facelift

    Youthful and fresh appearance

    Reduce the first visible signs of aging.
    Take your chance and look as young as you feel! more info