Forehead lift

The first signs of aging are usually most visible on the face with wrinkles on the forehead and/or the brow area. This affects many people who appear to look older than their year as well as angry or sad or surprised despite their actual mood.

Throughout the years many forehead or brow lift surgery methods have been developed, including the most reliable and commonly performed procedures: the endoscopic forehead lift, coronal lift and subcutaneous brow lift.
Here at BeautyHungary’s private clinic our board certified surgeon is using the endoscopic forehead lift, which is detailed below. 

The endoscopic forehead lift technique

The endoscopic forehead lift is a new technique in the field of plastic surgery. An endoscope is used by the cosmetic surgeon in the forehead in order to present a clear view of the muscles and tissues under the skin. The first endoscopic forehead lift was performed in 1994 in the United States and only became public 5 years later. 

After this long testing period, physicians concluded that using an endoscope for forehead (brow) lift treatment is excellent, safe and effective. The result of endoscopic forehead lift compared with the conventional one is very different with less visible scars and a shorter recovery period.

What are the benefits of a forehead lift?

Aging, facial nerve injury, congenital and hereditary factors can all be visible on someone's forehead. These are the main indications that compel patients to undergo a forehead or eyebrow lift. Endoscopic forehead lift is usually performed because of changes of the upper face due to age, loosening skin and wrinkled skin. The effects of sun damage, solarium use, stress, weight loss and hereditary factors can cause problems with the elasticity of the forehead. After surgery patients look much younger and are incredibly pleased with the results.

Combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures

Forehead lift surgery is commonly done in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, temporal lifting, neck lifting, face lift and Botox injection.

Are you a suitable candidate for endoscopic forehead lift surgery?

The operation is most common with patients 40 years of age or older. It is typically a one day surgical procedure with no special pre-examination required.  If you have decided to have an endoscopic forehead lift, contact us for an appointment and consultation with our plastic surgeon so he can discuss your expectations as well as determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate.

Get in touch with us now to learn more!

Presenting you with the endoscopic forehead lift procedure

Our plastic surgeon places an endoscope under the skin of the forehead to get the exact phase of the patient's muscles and tissues. After that the surgeon inserts an additional medical tool to lift the skin of the forehead to the optimal position in order to remove or reshape the muscles.

An endoscopic forehead lift is preferred also for younger patients who have just begun to notice wrinkles or if their skin has lost its elasticity. The surgery takes approximately one hour. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and no hospital stay is needed.

After the surgery

The patient must keep their head elevated for the next 2-3 days after the forehead lift surgery to reduce swelling.  It is also possible to wash your hair 2-3 days after surgery.  Some patients might experience slight discomfort and mild swelling.

Patients usually experience less pain and discomfort compared to other conventional forehead lift procedures, like the coronal forehead lift. Stitches are typically removed within a week after surgery. All signs of forehead lift surgery should fade completely within about 2-3 weeks.

Possible complications

Complications are rare and a forehead lift is considered an effective and safe procedure when it is performed by a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Bleeding can occur where the surgeon made the incision. In very rare cases, the eyebrow nerves could be injured but an additional surgery can correct this problem.

Some patients may experience hair loss at the edges of the scars after the surgery. Broad scars might form after a forehead lift, which can be easily be corrected by undergoing another surgery. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and recommendations after the procedure.

Cost of forehead lift

The price of endoscopic forhead lift surgery includes a personal consultation with the plastic surgeon, local anesthesia, surgery, 1 night stay at our private clinic, medications, and post-surgical accessories.

BeautyHungary’s main goal is to provide professional and high quality services to our patients in our modern and well-equipped private clinic.

For any further questions you might have, please contact us via email or simply fill in our consultation form and you will be contacted by our customer care coordinator.

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