Our collection of useful health related websites:

In this section BeautyHungary is continuously gathering a broad range of websites with additional information related to dental treatments, cosmetic surgery or eye vision correction and nevertheless websites related to medical tourism in general. If you want to get listed on one of our category pages, just simply send us a short e-mail or fill in the contact form on our partnership page.

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Websites listed under the four main resource pages are carefully selected and analyzed prior being listed. 

Our scope is to provide you with even more information than what is available on the BeautyHungary website. 

We hope our resource pages meet the needs of all our visitors and can even play an educational role besides the main source for medical tourism in Hungary.

Resources on dentistry:



More dental resources

Resources on cosmetic surgery:


More cosmetic resources

Resources on eye vision correction:



More eye vision correction resources

Resources on medical travel:


More medical travel resources