Upper body lift surgery

Upper body lift surgery aims to improve the contours of the arms, middle back, chest and waist by trimming excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue. The procedure is extremely beneficial to patients who have unpleasant rolls of loose skin over the lower rib cage, droopy breasts and flopping skin hanging from the underside of the upper arms.

This condition is usually a result of significant weight loss or skin laxity due to aging; the so-called 'pancake breasts' are often caused by breastfeeding. To treat these aesthetic problems, there are different lifting techniques that are really effective when performed separately but the results are even more spectacular if they are carried out in tandem.

If you want to break down upper body lift into its separate components, it consists of an arm lift and a breast lift, it is, however, much more than these two procedures. Upper body lift surgery can accomplish a total transformation in the contours and proportions of the upper body. Not only are the breasts lifted and the arms tightened, but loose skin on the chest and the upper portion of the back and abdomen is smoothed and toned. Additionally, plastic surgeons are able to lift different areas using only one or two incisions at one side. If sagging occurs on the lower body as well, upper body lift surgery may be performed in conjunction with a lower body lift. This combination is known as total body lift.


The procedure

Our surgeons tailor all procedures to the specific concerns, needs and anatomy of individuals. It is during an initial consultation that your doctor determines the ideal position of the incisions, which depends on the amount and location of surplus skin. To schedule an appointment with one of our fully trained specialists, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

The surgeon begins the operation with making an incision that completely encircles the chest and, in the case of female patients, runs in the crease under the breasts. This allows the plastic surgeon to trim away any redundant skin and tighten remaining skin by pulling it towards the incision. Excess flaps and rolls of skin are cut away from the upper back and over the rib cage, then underlying tissue is lifted. The breasts are elevated and the areolae are placed into a more desireable position. Other breast ehancement techniques can further improve the appearance of the breasts. The surgeon may use breast implants to increase the volume of the breasts or, if you find them too large, they can be reduced. In addition to breast reduction, which can be performed on men as well, some patients also ask for smaller areolae. If retracted nipples need to be corrected, inverted nipple surgery is carried out.

For the arm lift or brachioplasty, an incision on either the inner or the back portion of the arm is required, extending from the armpit to the elbow. Extra skin is removed from this region as well, and underlying tissue is firmed and lifted. This step of upper body lift surgery eliminates drooping skin along the upper arms, sometimes referred to as 'bat wings'.

Further reshaping is achieved by liposuction which makes the surgeon able to make skin surface smooth and correct any asymmetry. If the sagging of skin is rather moderate, one incision made in the armpit is enough to firm the tissue. Once the contours are thoroughly refined, lifted skin is deeply sutured to its new place.

What to expect after upper body lift surgery

Although scars are inevitable results of the operation, experienced plastic surgeons of BeautyHungary can make your wounds almost unnoticeable. Furthermore, patients often say that they prefer some small scars to huge skin flops. You have to be prepared to stay at home for about two weeks after surgery and that there will be extensive post-operative guidelines and restrictions. You may wait as long as six months for the scars to begin fading and all discomfort to disappear. But we guarantee that the final results will make up for everything. You can get a whole new figure in one single operation.

If you require any further information, we are always here to help you. We would be happy to have you contact us and to provide you with the best service.

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