IntraLASIK eye surgery procedure

IntraLASIK is a unique laser eye vision correction surgery procedure which has already had 15 years of existence; the IntraLASIK technology meant a big breakthrough in the field of laser eyevision correction. There is no other procedure which guarantees 100% safety, and gives back your vision immediately after the operation.

The IntraLASIK  (Femto) procedure takes only a few minutes; it is painless, comfortable for the patient and it has become the safest eye vision correction surgery. The outcome of the treatment is permanent and perpetual. IntraLASIK laser eye surgery combines the advantages of the traditional PRK and LASIK operations without their disadvantages.

    • PRK is a completely safe procedure, but in the first couple of days, it is uncomfortable and can also be painful.

  • LASIK treatment is quick and painless, but carries some risks as well.

So patients had to choose between safe intervention with discomfort and quick and painless treatment. The main characteristic of the IntraLASIK procedure is quick, safe and painless.

You can save 40 - 70% of your eye surgery costs.

IntraLASIK laser eye surgery from the beginning to the end

The examination before the operation takes approximately 1,5 hours, and it is almost completely painless. You will get detailed information about the outcome of the surgery. The IntraLASIK eye surgery is completely painless, takes about 10 minutes, and it is done under local anesthesia.

You can leave the clinic right after the operation, and you will notice improvement in your vision shortly. And all this is without wearing any glasses or contact lenses. What is more, the procedure lasts for a lifetime.

Our team of highly expirienced laser eye surgeons works with the finest technology with state-of-the-art laser equipments. The whole surgery is controlled and monitored by advanced computer software. In two days after the intervention you will have to return to the clinic for a few minutes of checkup.

After you complete our consultation form, we will answer all of your questions and make all the necessary arrangements for you, including the personal consultation with your eye surgeon,organizing your travel to Hungarybooking an accommodation in Budapest, as well as other extra services up on your request as soon as you arrive in Budapest.

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