Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Male cosmetic surgery
Is the reality of aging setting in? Do you wish you could do something about your double chin,male breast, excess neck skin or tired-looking eyes? Nowadays cosmetic surgery for men is quite common. Men, if you often worry about your appearance, it’s time to stop!

Our certified plastic surgeons in Hungary understand that men, just like women, take pride in their appearance. Using all the latest technological advancements in cosmetic surgery for men, our surgeons perform many cosmetic procedures with expected speedy recovery times so that time lost from work is minimal.

Most importantly, male cosmetic surgery can make you look natural and more youthful.

Why has cosmetic surgery for men become so popular?

How you look is tied to your self-esteem, whether you’re male or female. When someone has an underlying feeling of embarrassment about a body part, that feeling prevents him from being the best he could be. His embarrassment interferes with confidence and blocks the achieving of goals and dreams. Male plastic surgery corrects the inhibiting factors in a man’s body and imparts the sense that life’s opportunities are limitless.

Here is our list of cosmetic surgery treatments available for men:


» Botox for frown lines 
» Facelifts
» Mini face lift
» Forehead lift
» Chin plastic surgery
» Neck lift
» Prominent ear correction
» Nose reshaping
» Upper eyelid surgery
» Lower eyelid surgery
» Wrinkle correction

» Buttock augmentation
» Calf augmentation
» Male breast reduction
» Liposuction
» Thighplasty
» Body lift
» Arm lift
» Hiperhidrosis

» FUE Hair transplantation
» FUT Hair transplantation
 Facial Hair transplantation

With male plastic surgery you can eliminate embarrassment about your body and let us sculpt your body to perfection! Experience life from a whole new perspective, with no holds barred!

We guarantee confidentiality and affordable prices!

To get started send us an e-mail or fill in a consultation form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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  • Male breast reduction

    Reduce your men breast in weeks
    Surgical correction of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. read more..



    Extremely fast healing,minimally invasive, breakthrough technique,no scar, no discomfort or pain after the surgery read more

  • Special winter offer

    Winter offer

    If you are thinking about having a plastic surgery procedure, there is no better time than Winter!

    Winter months are considered to be the perfect time of year to create the look you have been dreaming of! Contact BeautyHungary today and see what we can offer you to get the dream shape for the summer!

  • Mommy makeover OFFER


    Breast correction and tummy tuck combo surgery,anesthesia,3 nights at the clinic with 24 nurse service and catering,check ups, medications,garments. FREE airport transfer! more...

  • See what others say:

    Elizabeth from Sydney, Australia

    "Hi Szilvia,

    I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do... read more...

  • Thinking about breast implants?

    Breast augmentation
    from only £2,560/ € 3200

    Breast lift and augmentation with implants
    from only £2,800/ € 3500

    Breast reduction
    from only £2,560€ 3200

  • Mid or mini facelift

    Youthful and fresh appearance

    Reduce the first visible signs of aging.
    Take your chance and look as young as you feel! more info