Dr. Miklos Molnár MD

Our Certified Plastic Surgeon
Our certified plastic surgeon in Hungary have met stringent certification and training requirements and perform amazing cosmetic surgeries on a regular basis. With a wide variety of procedures to choose from, the best procedures and techniques can be used to sculpt and correct any facial or body characteristics that you wish to change.

Dr. Miklos Molnár, MD is a board certified surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgeries using cutting edge procedures with a discerning eye for the natural look based on Brazilian training.  Dr. Molnár is dedicated to providing his patients with outstanding medical care while offering his professional expertise in all areas of body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and plastic surgery for men.  Dr. Molnár is a member of the Hungarian Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery Society (MPHST), the Hungarian Medical Board MOK, the Association of Students of Professor Ivo Pitanguy (www.aexpi.com.br), and the Ivo Pitanguy Euroepan Surgical Association (www.aceip.net). 

Dr. Molnár is a graduate of the famous Debrecen University Medical School in Debrecen, Hungary.   After earning his medical degree, Dr. Molnár was board certified for general surgery, which he practiced for five years.  When Dr. Molnár was accepted to world-renowned plastic and reconstructive Institute Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for post-graduate specialization, his passion was ignited for resculpting & reshaping the face and body.  At the end of the three-year course, Dr. Molnár returned to Hungary, where he practices his art since 2002.

Dr. Molnár is the National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics at Allergan, makers of Botox™, Juvéderm™, Latisse™, Lap-Band™ and many other cutting edge products in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.  Dr. Molnár has also donated his services to accident survivors unable to afford vital reconstructive and life-changing procedures.

More than 30% of Dr. Molnár’s clients are repeat patients seeking his services as they face the ever-changing and natural aging process.

Dr. Molnár is a fluent speaker of English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and German.

  • Dr. Miklos Molnár, MD

    His approach for plastic surgery is
    Harmony and Beauty in Body and Mind:

    “I feel like I’m an artist who can alter the living human body while giving patients a long-lasting result.  I have seen many post surgical patients come out of a depressive state and live a better, richer, fuller and more healthy life.” 

Miklos Molnar 's CV 

Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Reg Nr: Health Ministry: 53477
ANTSZ: 2837/2008/1/5
University Degree: Medical University of Debrecen,
Hungary in 1994

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Additional courses:

  • Dr. Molnar got his specialization at world famous and  unique Specialization Course on Plastic Surgery by Professor Ivo Pitanguy in  Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He studied and work 3 years with Ivo Pitanguy. He  is a  worldwide reference in the specialty, he is the founder of modern plastic and reconstructive surgery.


  • over 700 surgeries 
1500 interventions
successfully passed the board examination in 2001

Other work experience:

  • In 2002 Dr. Molnar  returned to  Hungary and started to work based on principles of  Brazilan knowledge and technique. Since  2002 dr. Molnár work in Hungarian private institutes. In 2004-2008 he was consultant plastic surgeon for Telki Private Hospital. In 2008-2012 was consultant plastic surgeon for DrRose Private Hospital and Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute.
  • He is the National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics at Allergan Academy.
  • BeautyHungary is working with dr.Molnar since 2008, we are known for our excellent services, state-of-the-art technology, certified plastic surgeon, and high quality  and personalized care before and after surgery.

Some of his specialties:


  • Liquid face lift,  Fillers, Face-neck  lift, MACS lift, Eyelid surgery,


  • Aesthetic correction after child birth and breast feeding, after weight loss,Breast correction,  Tummy tuck, Buttock implant/ correction, Body make-over,  Bodysculpting by liposuction


  • Male Body contouring, Male breast surgery, Muscle implant, Facial aesthetics for men


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    Our Private Clinic

    Our clinic is a private, well-equipped medical facility with up-to-date equipment, instrumentation and technology.  Our facility is well appointed with several operating rooms, post-operative recovery rooms, and exclusive overnight facilities.

    See more photos about the clinic and before-after cases

    Our certified plastic surgeon always listen to your concerns and desires. It’s our goal to surpass your expectations. Whether you want to make subtle modifications or dramatic changes in your appearance, our surgeon has the skill and dedication to produce outstanding results.

    We provide accommodation just next to the clinic.
    Check the photos of the hotel.

    Private Nurses

    The nurses working with Dr. Molnár were all trained extensively in the intensive care units of well-respected hospitals.  These medical professionals have been working with Dr. Molnár for at least 10 years & they all speak English.  (Some nurses also speak German or French.)  Dr. Molnár’s nursing staff works exclusive with Dr. Molnar at the private clinic & stay overnight with patients during their recovery process.

    Surgical staff

    These medical professionals have worked exclusively with Dr. Molnár for over 10 years.  The anesthesiologist has been working with surgical patients for 25 years & has been working with Dr. Molnár at the private clinic for over 10 years.