Total body lift surgery

Full body rejuvenation
Total body lift combines upper body lift with lower body lift to eliminate excess skin from the entire body. Different body lifting procedures are used to resculpt the body and define its contours. Full body lift surgery is performed on patients who carry a vast amount of surplus skin after a massive weight loss or pregnancy.

Extra skin is cut away, and remaining skin and underlying tissue is tightened to achieve a firm, smooth appearance. The surgery is really complex and requires extended recovery time, however it is very popular with patients who want their figure to be entirely reshaped.

What it helps

Sagging of the skin primarily occurs when it loses its elasticity, the reason of which is the rapid decrease in underlying tissue. This process is most commonly induced by an extreme weight loss. If your body mass index is high, you probably have a large amount of fatty tissue all over your body. While you were accumulating more and more fat over the years, your skin was continuously stretching to cover the fat mass. When you start to lose weight, what happens is that this fat mass decreases in amount and it is barely possible for skin tissue to adapt to this relatively rapid change. Consequently, no longer being exposed to stretching, surplus skin begins to form unpleasant rolls and folds, causing not only aesthetical but hygiene-related problems as well.

Former obese patients who have accomplished major weight loss have to face the fact that excess skin is resistant to dieting, exercising and any non-surgical cosmetic treatment. In spite of the fact that they have lost a significant amount of weight, they seem to be still carrying those pounds and their figure remains unattractive. The only way to eliminate redundant skin is through surgical excision, that is why body lift surgery is strongly recommended to people who struggle with such problems. Those whose drooping skin was caused by aging or pregnancy and breastfeeding, can also benefit from total body lift. Women after childbearing, though, may also choose mommy makeover which is tailored to their specific concerns and desires.


The procedure

Prior to the surgery your surgeon examines thoroughly your medical history, general condition and the location of excess skin, to be able to develop the ideal surgical plan which best fits your goals. Please fill in our online consultation form to let us know what bothers you and what your expectations are or contact us and schedule an appointment.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and you should be prepared to spend two or three days at our clinic after the surgery. The operation takes three to seven hours, depending on the extent of procedures involved and the amount of skin to be removed. Different degrees of sagging require different incisions and if you have a moderate amount of extra skin, fewer and smaller cuts can be used. Our plastic surgeons’ experience in the field of body lift surgery helps them place the incisions in a way that ensures the fastest and most complete healing and fading of the scars.

First lower body lift is performed, usually through two incisions. One encircles the body like a belt, above the buttocks and across the waist and the lower abdomen, while the other goes vertically on the front or inner thighs. They allow surgeons to perform a tummy tuck, a butt lift and a thighplasty at the same time.

After cutting out redundant skin, the remaining skin is tightened and pulled towards the incisions. The wounds are closed with dissolvable stitches and the incisions are sutured. Upper body lift requires a bra-line incision around the chest and one along the upper arm. The surgeon performs a breast lift and an arm lift, and additionally tightens the upper portion of the abdomen and the back as well. To achieve a natural-looking and even skin surface, skin is gathered in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Liposuction may also be necessary to ensure symmetry and beautiful contours.

Due to the extensiveness of the operation, your surgeon may decide to perform it in two or three stages. You should spend a period of up to six weeks at home and strenuous activity is forbidden for two to three months. A comprehensive list of instructions will help you through your healing period.

You can find more about upper and lower body lift as well as separate lifting techniques on our website and we are always ready to answer any query you might have.

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