FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE hair transplant) is a method of collecting individual hair follicles from the areas of the scalp that haven’t been affected by hair loss, also known as the donor area.


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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

This method of harvesting the follicular hair with one-by-one manual control allows Dr. Mantse to graft only the highest quality hair follicles to produce the best outcomes, which is a fuller head of hair.  This very precise extraction is the most important element for getting the most natural & permanent results.


The FUE hair transplant is accomplished while the patient is under a local anesthesia.   While performing the FUE hair transplant technique, Dr. Mantse manually removes individual follicular hair units, which naturally occur in groups of 1–8 hairs each, from the back & sides of the scalp.  Once the underlying follicular units are separated from the surrounding tissues, Dr. Mantse performs the extraction & transplants the units onto the exposed areas of scalp or thinning hair.

With the FUE hair transplant procedure, there is no linear scar because Dr. Mantse does not make any incisions with a knife.  Instead, Dr. Mantse extracts the follicle using a small micro-punch measuring 0.8mm – 1.0mm, which leaves a tiny wound that shrinks as it heals to make the resulting round scar less noticeable.  As the patient’s hair grows out, these small scars become even less noticeable & cannot be detected by the naked eye. 

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Who It Is For


FUE Hair Transplantation is an ideal choice for you if your hairstyle is short, and the number of the desired graft transplantation is moderate. With repeated surgery, the maximum number of transplanted follicular unit grafts is around 2000-2500. This number is enough to repair natural balding in the area where the cranial hair region meets the hairless forehead part of the scalp. The result is permanent, since the donor hairs are resistant to hormone-induced hair loss. If you choose this method, you can be sure that your results will be highly satisfactory, with no visible traces of surgery at all, and a great improvement in appearance. Furthermore, the care that is provided at our clinic will surely satisfy you in every aspect.

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Most patients don’t experience acute pain post surgery but some will choose to use over the counter pain medication during the recovery process.  Dr. Mantse recommends that patients do not participate in any strenuous or contact sports during the first 3 weeks of recovery.  Although many patients choose to return to normal work duties just one day after the procedure, some patients feel more comfortable recovering at home during the first 2 weeks after the hair replacement.

Patients can expect the first new hair growth to start within 4 months after the hair transplantation although it takes 8 – 12 months to see the final results.  This long-term restoration means the new hair growth looks completely natural & organic.

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