Buttock implants

Buttock surgery with use of buttock implants is performed to add shape to and increase the prominence of the buttocks. Compared to brazilian butt lift, the other technique of buttock augmentation, this one is more invasive. Although the basic concept of inserting an artificial prosthesis under the skin is similar to that of breast enlargement, the material of buttock implants is rather different. While to fill breast implants fluid and viscous material is used, buttock implants are silicone elastomer shells filled with solid or semi-solid substances. They have been developed to act firm and flexible as well as to provide a natural feel.

Buttock implants are suitable for patients who have a flat backside and want to enhance its size and shape. An alternative method to buttock augmentation is brazilian butt lift with fat injections, but for those who do not have any extra bodily fat available for transfer, buttock implants are the most beneficial way to increase the volume of their bottom.

Buttock implants tend to be popular with slender women dreaming of a sensuous backside, body builders or men who regularly exercise and want their bottom to be balanced with the rest of their body.

How buttock implants are placed

Buttock augmentation with implants is an invasive surgical procedure and requires thorough preparation. BeautyHungary is happy to provide you with the best service and help you be satisfied with yourself. We offer a comprehensive pre- and post-operative program which involves consultation appointments and extensive instructions.

You will discuss your desires with our board certified plastic surgeon who will guide you through making a decision about the size and shape of the buttock implant. There are several varieties, ranging from round- and oval- through egg- to teardrop-shaped prostheses, in different sizes. Your doctor will also determine whether other procedures, for instance buttock lift surgery or thighplasty, need to be performed to fulfill your expectations.

Be sure to contact us and ask for a consultation.


To insert the buttock implant, the surgeon has to make an incision either in the gluteal crease or in the natal cleft. Although the first region carries a much lower risk of infection, cuts are more commonly placed in the groove between the butt cheeks where scars are not visible. The location of the incision is discussed prior to the operation and your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to keep the incision area clean and how to handle your personal hygiene. A five-centimetre long incision is enough to make the surgeon able to create pockets to insert the buttock implants into. They can be placed in two different ways, depending on which half of your bottom you want to enlarge.

  • Submuscular (intramuscular) buttock implants are located under the surface of gluteus maximus, between the layers of the buttock muscle. Most patients choose this option as it adds curves to the upper half of the bottom

  • Subfascial buttock implants are for those who want to augment the lower half of their buttock. The implants are placed between the gluteal muscle and its fascia (the surrounding strong tissue covering the muscle). In this case, a larger implant can be used because there is more space here than inside the muscle

The surgeon lifts up the buttock muscle and, carefully avoiding important nerves, positions the implants and makes sure that the cheeks look symmetrical and natural. To reduce the risk of the shifting of implants, they are inserted above the sitting area. The wounds in the body are closed with dissolvable stitches and for the skin non-dissolvable thread is applied. It takes two to three hours to carry out the procedure during which you will be under general anaesthesia. You can leave the clinic the day after the procedure and the wearing of a compression garment will be required for a couple of days.

After the procedure

You will experience some discomfort during the process of recovery. Bruising and swelling may occur and you may even have to take medications to relieve your pain. You will have to follow strict post-operative instructions on how to treat the area to maximise healing. You can resume sedentary activity within about two weeks and it may take several months for the incision to heal and for you to completely forget the implants are there. Once you recover, the final results will become apparent and you will be able to carry on your life with beautiful, attractive curves and an increased level of confidence.

If you need more information to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation with implants, feel free to ask any questions. If you have already decided that the procedure would be beneficial to you, please fill in our online consultation form.

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