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  • Victoria H., Age 32, UK  UnderwentMommy makeover ( breast lift with implants,tummy tuck,  liposuction )

    Dear Erika


    I just wanted to write to you and Dr Molnar to say a big thank you for all that you have done for me. I feel that since I have had the surgery I am a totally different person so much happier and confident again. I’ve spent 9 years hiding my body since I had my first baby and now I’m like the younger version of myself again!

    I would happily recommend Dr Molnar to anyone who was thinking about going to Budapest for their surgery. I was so well looked after, especially by Dr Molnar’s assistant whose name I have unfortunately forgotten but she was so sweet and kind to me. Having travelled over on my own I did start to feel very nervous once I arrived but seeing her smiley face made it so much easier. I think if it had been anyone else meeting me I would’ve felt very unsure. Her English is perfect too.

    The hotel recommended was really clean and lovely too. I would say as I was there all day every day for a while that I was pleased I took books and my I pad with me as the TV stations were limited. The hotel brought my food to me every day and were really kind to me too. Dr Molnar came out at 9pm when I couldn’t sleep to bring me sleeping tablets which was really sweet of him. I couldn’t imagine a UK Dr going out of his way like that to make sure I was happy. He also offered his assistant to go shopping for me for food and drinks in case I needed anything which she did.

    I would definitely take the recommend advice with regards to staying for the allocated time for recovery. Once I had arrived in Budapest I decided to not only have the tummy tuck but also a breast up lift. As my flight was already booked I had to leave but I would stay for as long as I could if I was going to do it again as the travelling was uncomfortable. Not unbearable but a shock to the system after so long not going anywhere. Thankfully my husband flew out to take me home and I booked special assistance at the airport as I wouldn’t have managed either end without a wheelchair and help on the plane.

    Since I have been home I have recovered really well and I can’t believe how amazing I feel. Dr Molnar has checked in with me and I have been able to ask him questions when I’ve needed to about my recovery and he has been really reassuring.

    I am quite a worrier so I have asked a lot and sent pictures to check everything is going as it should and he’s been really patient with me.

    It’s been about a month since I had the treatment now and I am walking upright and driving again. Everyone says how happy I am now especially my husband who has noticed the biggest change in me. The scars on my breasts are barely even visible after a month and they are not painful at all! My stomach has healed beautifully and I’m excited to see what it looks like once the swelling has gone totally.

    Thank you again so much for arranging everything and helping me make the right choice.



  • Beth F., Age 35, Italy UnderwentMommy makeover ( breast lift with implants,tummy tuck,  liposuction )

    After massive weight loss, I decided to do the ‘Mommy Makeover’ procedure through BeautyHungary. I chose them because their price was right, but mostly because of the reviews of the doctor that I had found on the internet. I cannot express how happy I am with the entire procedure, from the beginning with the initial e-mail until now, a month after surgery. I couldn’t be happier with my physical procedure! My results are absolutely fantastic, my scar is really thin and really low riding on my tummy, my stomach and belly button don’t look like an old man’s balls anymore and actually look sexy, and my breasts look better now than they did when I was 21! Due to the amazing care taken by the doctor, his nurses and his staff, my recovery has been smooth, without even a hint of a hiccup! I couldn’t recommend BeautyHungary more! Please feel free to follow my progress on my realself blog  I already have a profile (PsyKat), and review.  I set it up about six months before my surgery. Please feel free to give the link to whomever :)
    Also please please feel free to give out my email to any prospective patients! I will scream to the world about my experience and how happy I am with it, with the Dr. and the staff!! 


  • Diane R. Age 47, UK, Underwent: Mommy makeover breast lift with implants,tummy tuck)

    Hi Erica, Just read your email -I haven't been checking them regularly whilst I've been recovering.  I have to say that I really can't speak highly enough of Dr Molnar and all the staff at the clinic. The treatment and after care was just outstanding, I really couldn't have been in better hands.  Dr Molnar is an absolute delight and I would definitely want him to perform any further treatments I may consider in the future. All 3 procedures have exceeded my expectations. The scars are so neat, they are incredible.   My recovery appears to be going well and I'm alot more mobile now.  My lower abdomen and hips are still quite swollen but already I can see that I'm going to love my new shape when the swelling subsides.  Finally I'd also like to say how lovely Imre was, he gave me a mini guided tour of Budapest en route to the airport and made sure that I was ok inside the airport. I've come away absolutely loving Budapest and will be returning to explore the city in the near future. Thank you for arranging everything Erica, I'm so pleased with how everything's turning out. I will be sending photographs of my 'new' body at the 3 months stage so that you can see how Im doing.  It's a pity we didn't get to meet but maybe next time?! Many thanks Diane


  • Rick Z. Age 53,  USA Underwent: male mid-face lift, upper eyelid surgerylower eyelid surgery

    "After spending 2 years thinking about cosmetic surgery when I decided it was time to actually have the surgery, I spent several months researching the available surgeons. Living in the United States afforded me a large number of choices so I decided that I would not settle for a good cosmetic surgeon – I wanted to have THE BEST COSMETIC SURGEON at the BEST PRICE. My research led me to Budapest Hungary, BEAUTYHUNGARY.COM, Erika Ladanyi and Dr. Molnar Miklos. I am thrilled about my results! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Miklos as THE BEST cosmetic surgeon to anyone considering surgery. His facility is absolutely beautiful and he and his staff are truly caring and professional. As should be expected, they provided excellent care from the first contact I had with Erika, to the consultation and each step of the way. They made me feel very comfortable in what could have been an uncomfortable setting and they always made me feel welcome They took the time to answer all my questions so that I was fully informed about what to expect before, during and after my procedure. Dr. Miklos also took the time to truly “listen” to me about what I wanted and my expectations. My results are even better than I imagined! I am so thankful that I took the time to research and find THE BEST cosmetic surgeon.THANK YOU Dr. Miklos, his staff and especially Erika Landanyi–--- I strongly recommend, especially from the U.S to think outside the norm and contact BEAUTYHUNGARY.COM, Erika Ladanyi and Dr. Molnar Miklos! You will be doing yourself a favor!!!"

"Erika,    I was so good to meet you today.  Thank you for all you did for me.  I have one last request...I don't do very good "under pressure" and so when I worte good things in your patient book I forgot to mention Dr. Molnar.  Could you copy this for me and put it in the book?  Thanks again!   Dr. Molnar,    Thank you so very much for the work you did for me.  I so appreciate your friendliness and caring manor.  I am liking my "new" body every day.  I believe you went "above and beyond the call" to help me out.  Thank you again and maybe we will meet sometime in the future. Sincerely, Renee B. Kimberly, ID U.S.A. "

"My procedure was done this January. I had a triple surgery (combo) performed and all went very well.Also I did Botox and Juvederm so it was a whole new experience and really a good one for me.

The whole experience was excellent.They were caring, polite, professional and nice.Doctor Miklos left on my unforgottable impression of a very nice Human beeing besides his Doctor expertize.The only thing I would have changes would be to stay longer then ten days as I was travelling for a long time and just having fresh wounds it is not a pleasurable experience.
I chose Hungary beacuse (I am Croatian by origin) and I was once married to a Hungarian.I know that their Doctors in almost every field or discipline are well known around the world for their ethics and good results for surgeries.I also did year prior to this year my teeth on their dental clinic in Budapest and my canadian Doctors were in shock of how well the job was done."

"My experience was better than I thought but ofcourse I was worried cuz I never met Dr Molnar. Only new Erika through emails, But she allways answered what ever I asked n made me feel relax  so I could look forward to my surgery. If u haven't met her before dont worry she is lovely girl. And you will love Dr Molnar. I was very worried before the surgery  i bet who not too? But there's nothing to worry about just look forward to new you. I am very happy with the work he has done on me -:) My healing journey has been very good, n my scares r healing so well that its not even six weeks yet n I can put my hair up.

I had lipo on my arms n back I am very happy with it. My upper body is looking great.arms n waist looks good -:) My friends No one notice scares -:) Lipo is not painful  bit uncomfortable for few days I am very happy with my lipo.The reason I went to Budapest  cuz I had dental work done on my teeth n am so glad now that I had body work done as well. "

"Hi Szilvia,

I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do. I am happy to write some feedback to you, please find below:

Dr Molnar is a very friendly and accessible person first of all. It was easy to establish a good rapport with him on our first encounter. As it turned out, he is also a very professional, skillful and experienced surgeon who understood very well what I needed. All the staff members were very friendly and helpful in every way.I don't see how the clinic could be better,there's nothing that I didn't like. Everything was very professionally organized.

I choosed to stay in a downtown apartment. The noise at night (other tenants) made it impossible to sleep on some nights. Also, the view was to other balconies/apartments, not very pleasant.Good because you can walk everywhere from there, everything is close.

The customer care coordinator was Szilvia and she replied to each of my emails promptly. Her English was also at a high level and I was truly impressed by her professionalism as well as friendliness.She was very professional and reply to every quierie in detail and promptly in good English.

I will highly recommend BeautyHungary to anyone who's considering surgery. Keep up the good work :)"



"I had a full face lift surgery with Dr.Molnar at your in February 2011.

I considered Dr Molnar to be professional and had an easy going approachable personality which helps put the patient at ease.

I would tell others that the clinic and staff are professional and courteous I found the clinic to be clean and did not have concerns about hygiene and sanitation and the operation theathre seemed to be quite modern and well equipped. All the staff at the clinic were pleasant and looked afyer my needs very well.

The most I liked about the clinic, that is has a comfortable and relaxing environment with helpful and pretty staff!

My customer care coordinator was Szilvia. I would say at the point when I contacted Beauty Hungary I still had some doubts as to wheteher I should still go for surgery. However Szilvia really eased my concerns and she gave me the confidence to go ahead. This was also due to her very good command of The English language and also because she did offer the services of other clinics and I felt the choice of Dr Rose clinic was the best available of those on offer.
In addition to this Szilvia was very professional in all her communications and answered my questions promptly. And during my stay in Hungary she visited me twice at the apartment with her boyfriend on her own time and did food shopping for me which was hugely appreciated.

I would say any potential patient would be very happy to be looked after by Szilvia."

Taylor, underwent liposuction



„I was totally satisfied with Dr.Molnar’s care and consideration at all time. I had every confidence in his ability to do a first class job. He was very easy to talk to.Nothing was too much trouble for him.

Customer care at BeautyHungary was all straight forwarded very helpful at all the time.

I was provided airport-clinic-hotel-airport pick up and was very satisfied with the service. After the operation I had to spend a couple nights at the clinic and my private room was very quite, beautifully decorated,and furnished all areas. I did enjoy the lovely food on offer.



„I liked my plastic surgeon a lot! He made me feel at ease and confident about him. I was totally sure about his knowledge, I could feel he knew what he was doing. I would definately recommend BeatyHungary to anybody!"


I initially chose BeautyHungary for my treatment as the cost for the treatment was reasonably cheap compared to other overseas prices which was accommodating to my budget.

Once I made contact, I also found the staff to be very efficient and informative in dealing with any queries. This contributed towards my final decision to have my treatment through Beauty Hungary. 
I felt the help of my assistance was very supportive, and I felt at ease to contact her at anytime throughout my stay in Budapest, and confident that she would be able to resolve any issues that I had. Also the airport, clinic and hotel pick ups to be efficient.

I did find the clinic’s atmosphere to be professional, relaxing and of high quality modern décor and the consultant to be very attentive, informative and in tune to my needs. Overall I think I received a very good service! 

I did manage a tour bus trip around the city-of what I experienced, I found the city to be easy to get around in with all the modern facilities, shops, and transport system as most cities, also beautiful in sites and attractions. But as mentioned, I would like to return to do a fuller tour of the city! 

Although at present I am in the recovery period, I am quite impressed with the results that are showing so far and feel that the work was carried out with careful attention, precision and skill to produce realistic quality results in terms of improvement to the lower part of my body shape.

Many thanks for your assistance whilst in Budapest . I have now arrived home after an 'eventful' time in Budapest and now progressing towards a recovery after my treatment. I would also like to extend my appreciation and thanks toward Tamara, the clinic , the doctor and his staff for their professional and caring service.


I cannot think of any aspect that you need to improve. Every thing was almost perfect!

Your friendliness and assistance was on a very high level. I will definitely recommend BeautyHungary to my friends.


Thank you very much for looking after me during my stay in Budapest.

You made me feel very welcome! Hope you are all well, wishing you many satisfied clients like myself.


I was extremely nervous upon arrival in Budapest, but my plastic surgeon Dr. Molnar Miklos was very professional and explained everything very clearly.

I am very happy with the outcome and would like to thank the team for their excellent service.


I was initially unsure about having cosmetic surgery abroad to my eyelids and not being able to see and speak to somebody prior the coming.

This might be a problem for some people. However, your website explains everything and I was happy to go ahead without seeing somebody personally. You have made my stay here in Budapest as nice and comfortable as possible. I look forward to my next visit to your beautiful city.

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    2. See what others say:

      Elizabeth from Sydney, Australia

      "Hi Szilvia,

      I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do... read more...

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