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By submitting our medical questionnaire form you agree to let BeautyHungary and the clinic use your data only for the purpose of medical use. BeautyHungary and the clinic is not responsible if your submitted data are not accurate or false. All your data will be strictly confidential and none of the information provided will be used in the future without your written permission. You should be aware that BeautyHungary plays the role of a facilitator company and currently none of the employees hold medical qualifications. BeautyHungary does not undertake any responsibility for an eventual unsuccessful result of the surgery or if the client is unsatisfied with the result nor is liable for any compensation. The patient must be aware of the responsibility which is undertaken by the clinic where the procedure has been done. The patient must follow all instructions given by the surgeon or any other staff at the clinic otherwise the clinic itself won't be able to undertake responsibility in case of any type of damage on the affected body area. The patient must take responsibility of his/her arrival on the mutually agreed date. BeautyHungary does not take responsibility in case of a delayed flight or in case some of the requested documents are missing. BeautyHungary makes all necessary efforts to inform the patient about the whole process prior travelling to Hungary and does not take any responsibility in case of unforeseen circumstances which is beyond our control leading to further expenses. BeautyHungary makes sure to inform the patient as soon as possible in case some changes might occur with the arranged date for the surgery or other conditions.