Gold Dental Crowns

Over many decades metal alloys have been used for making dental crowns. One classic is the gold alloy crown. Although we may refer to this type of crown as a gold crown, it is typically composed of a number of different elements, including but in no way limited to gold, palladium, platinum and silver.

Benefits of Gold Crowns

There are numerous reasons why one might choose to have a gold crown applied. Gold has always been a favorite among dentists for it's workability. Its physical properties enables the dentist to achieve an exact fit. Another benefit of using a gold crown is that gold as a pure metal, gives the crown the strength that is required to tolerate the pressure of biting and chewing, also, a gold crown is not prone to chipping.

Although the rate at which a gold crown wears down is the same as enamel another positive characteristic of a gold crown is that it does not create so much wear on the teeth it bites against.

These days gold crowns are usually applied to the molars or teeth that are not so visible when a person smiles.