Devices for Hip & Knee Replacements

When you decide to have a hip replacement or knee replacement procedure in Budapest, Hungary, you can choose from the highest quality implants available on the market, including Johnson & Johnson’s BIOLOX®delta, the newest material in the BIOLOX® family.

The BIOLOX® delta is made from a high-performance mixed oxide ceramic, which has superior wear features including increased fracture strength & incredible biocompatibility.  Your new implant will instantly feel like a natural part of your body as it fits perfectly within the bone & muscle.  The BIOLOX® delta is also perfectly appropriate for patients who have a sensitivity to particular metal elements. 


The price of the improved BIOLOX® delta device is not cost prohibitive in Hungary, as it is in the U.S., U.K. & Western Europe.  In fact, the cost of this high quality implant is already included in the low price of hip replacement & knee replacement surgery.  Patients who book their procedures with BeautyHungary will not be charged extra fees for the BIOLOX® delta from Johnson & Johnson.