The Zoom tooth whitening system

f you're in pursuit of a pearly white smile then the Zoom tooth whitening system comes highly recommended. As its name implies the Zoom is believed to be one of the quickest and most efficient whitening procedures available on the market. Whilst the Zoom tooth whitening procedure can be performed at home, patients experience superior results when they have the Zoom tooth whitening performed in a clinic by a dental professional.

Whiten teeth at home or in a dental clinic ?

Whitening teeth at home using the Zoom tooth whitening system will quickly and efficiently lighten teeth by approximately six shades. However, with the Zoom whitening system in the hands of a professional, results are enhanced, whitening teeth up to ten shades. If you would like our dental professionals to Zoom whiten your teeth then please don't hesitate to contact BeautyHungary in order to get the best tooth whitening results. Our dentists in Hungary can help you whiten your teeth, giving you the brilliant smile you have always desired.

How is Zoom 2 tooth whitening treatment applied ?

Our dentists are happy to teach you how to use the Zoom 2 tooth whitening system. The first step involves the application of gel to lips and gums. A whitening gel specially created for the Zoom light is then applied to the teeth. The Zoom light activates the gel that smoothly penetrates your teeth making them brighter and whiter. Throughout the session you can relax, listen to the radio or even watch TV. One tooth whitening session lasts up to 45 minutes and involves repeating the process 3 times for optimal tooth whitening results.

How safe is the Zoom 2 teeth whitening treatment ?

The Zoom Tooth Whitening system uses an infrared filter that minimizes the amount of heat on the tooth surface, protecting the enamel of your teeth. The Zoom 2 teeth light illuminates both the upper and lower teeth, whitening them simultaneously. We are confident that at the end of the session you will be completely satisfied with your new smile!

Can the procedure be continued at home ?

Once your dentist has instructed you on how to use the Zoom tooth whitening system you can continue to use it as an effective home tooth whitening method. To accomplish the best whitening results at home your dentist will provide you with a tray-based teeth whitening product to assure you get optimal Zoom 2 teeth whitening results.