Combined plastic surgeries

Packages for complete makeover
Cosmetic surgery combos or packages are carefully selected procedures combined and performed in tandem for the best aesthetic results and full-scale makeover.

Plastic surgery has seen a rapidly increasing demand for certain combinations of different procedures. The idea of performing multiple surgeries simultaneously or treating several areas all at once is not a new one. 

Technological advances and stringent quality guidelines have made it possible to combine treatments and carry them out in tandem, maintaining the highest level of patient safety. Cosmetic surgery packages, also known as combos, are based on the concept that once an individual is prepared to go under the knife, deal with the recovery process, and spend a certain amount of money on it, then, instead of performing a single procedure, plastic surgeons might as well treat several areas or problems.

 In fact, plastic surgery clinics have been offering for years combination procedures or surgeries that target various regions of the body or more than one disorders in the same region. BeautyHungary attaches the utmost importance to patient feedback and we strongly encourage our clients to share their experiences and opinions of the service they received. Listening and paying particular attention to them helps us not only consistently improve.

Packages offered by BeautyHungary

 BeautyHungary, along with its clinics, has formulated a patient service policy, the cornerstone of which is to develop an excellent rapport and direct communication with our clients. Your treatment is not over on the day you leave our clinic; neither are our duties. We keep in touch with our patients even after their departure and with the help of their opinions and the expertise of our cosmetic surgeons we are able to create standard and custom-designed packages.

If one of our cosmetic surgery combos attracts your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, telephone or our free consultation form.

Keep in mind that these combos are standard packages but you may create your own treatment plan. At our website you can learn about almost all cosmetic procedures and treatments, and if you have found the ones you were looking for, our surgeons and assistants will be more than happy to help you design a specific package for you. If you already have a clear idea of what you would like, we can provide a free price quotation.


Why are different procedures combined?

Undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure requires thorough preparation and a certain degree of efforts. By including multiple procedures in one single operation, one saves a great deal of money as well as time since for two or three different procedures the cost of anaesthesia and medications or facility fee has to be paid only once.

Full-scale body lifting procedures such as upper, lower or total body lift are already widely popular and frequently performed throughout the globe. Mommy makeover is another well-known and effective surgery, which, thanks to its flexibility, has helped thousands of mothers regain their pre-pregnancy shapes and self-esteem. Apart from these two combinations we designed a number of well-though-out packages to satisfy a wide range of desires.

How cosmetic surgery packages are arranged

Two, three or more procedures can be put together, not necessarily all of which are invasive ones. A common solution is to develop individually tailored treatment plans that include various non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques such as botox treatment, liposuction, fat injections, laser skin resurfacing or mesotherapy along with one or two typically invasive surgeries requiring cutting. Besides, you will also find packages that include only non-invasive treatments and ones that are made up of invasive surgeries.

 Determined by the area to be treated, there are different approaches as well. You may create a combo of procedures targeting one particular area (for instance performing liposuction and mesotherapy in addition to thigh lift) or adjoining areas (as in lower body lift that addresses the thighs, buttocks and the abdomen.). Moreover, different problems on separate regions may also be treated concurrently.

When we constructed the packages we offer, we carefully considered surgical time, the use of anaesthesia and the recovery process. Another concept is that plastic surgeons can perform different procedures and treat multiple areas through one incision and thus reduce the amount of the remaining scars.

Why to choose combined procedures

One of the greatest benefits of undergoing several different treatments all at once is that in a few hours’ time a complete transformation may be accomplished. The changes are especially apparent in the case of facial combos as an appropriate procedure may make one look decades younger. The results of body lift surgery are also spectacular.

Another consideration is financing. Choosing combined procedures will reduce your plastic surgery bill by a significant amount thanks to the fact that there is only one facility fee, one anaesthesiologist’s and surgeon’s fee, moreover you have to pay only once for travel, accommodation and further expenses. Additionally, these standard packages usually cost less than the included procedures put together. What is more, you also save on the time and effort. You can reduce the amount of time off work as well as the total time needed for recovery. It is much more time-efficient and requires less energy from the body to have multiple procedures at once and recover once than to have various single procedures followed by several recuperation periods.

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