EU Cross Border Healthcare Regulations

Effective October 25, 2013

If you are an EU Citizen or an EU Resident, having your surgical procedure in Budapest, Hungary, has never been more straightforward!  In fact, as an EU citizen, you enjoy the right to get medical treatment in any member country you choose!  This includes dental treatments, orthopedic procedures, cosmetic surgeries, ophthalmology remedies, hospitalization, surgical fees, medical products & devices, & other services.


As a result of a new directive, citizens of the European Union who choose to seek treatment in Budapest, Hungary, in certain circumstances & under certain conditions, will have the cost of the treatment reimbursed by their home country.


Being reimbursed for treatment abroad:

If patients meet their country’s criterion, which includes prior authorization, they will be reimbursed the same amount as they would receive in their own country for the same healthcare services in Budapest, Hungary.


Paying for surgical procedures abroad:

Generally, the patient pays for procedures upfront and would then be reimbursed by their national health authority.  The EU directive also states that EU countries can choose to confirm the amount of reimbursement in writing upfront, on the basis of the healthcare treatment estimate presented by the patient.  BeautyHungary is happy to provide you with all the paperwork necessary to present to your home country’s local health authority.


Using prescription medication post surgical treatment:

Post surgical medications may be prescribed as part of the standard recovery process, which many patients may choose to carry out in their home countries with friends & family.  In this case, a prescription issued in Budapest, Hungary will be recognized in a patient’s home country or country of residence, as long as the prescribed medicine is authorized for sale & is available in that country.


For more detailed information or to find links to the full healthcare directive:



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