Root Canal Dental Treatment

By having root canal treatment the structure of the tooth is kept strong so that oral health can be maintained.

A tooth has three parts: the enamel, a dentin and dental pulp(also known as nerve tissue). The tooth enamel forms a protective shell, the dentin is a softer layer and the dental pulp is composed of an inner soft layer which is a tissue. This inner layer of the tooth is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of it, as it includes nerve tissue and blood vessels.

If teeth are exposed to external risk, they can easily get infected by bacteria, and when this occurs, they begin to decay. The nerves of the tooth are in the root canal, which is why root canal dental treatment is required for the removal of decayed material and infection before filling the root canal.

When is a root canal dental treatment needed ?

Root canal treatment is required when there is an infection of pulp (nerve tissues) or the blood vessels in a tooth. Root canal treatments (RCT), also known as endodontics, stop the infection from spreading to the entire tooth.

The root canal procedure

An X-ray is taken prior to a root canal treatment. The dentist can see the infections present and see whether nearby bone has been affected.

The pulp and all decayed tissue is removed from the root canal which is then sterilized and filled, this strengthens the tooth and prevents the spread of infection to the rest of the tooth.

Our distinguished dentists in Hungary use a local anesthesia so that no pain is experienced during the dental procedure.

Will the tooth be functional after treatment ?

Yes, however, it is common for a tooth that has had root canal treatment to become brittle, at some stage it may be advisable to apply a crown in order to strengthen and protect the tooth.

Can the infection reoccur ?

The majority of root canal treatments are successful, saving the tooth from infection and further decay, however, in some cases the infection may return and require another treatment.

Why not just extract the tooth ?

Most people want to keep their own teeth, fortunately we now have the technology and expertise to not only save a tooth but also restore it, making it appear and function as a new tooth.

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