What is a porcelain dental inlay / onlay?

A dental porcelain inlay is used for restoring a tooth which has decayed to some degree. The decayed part of the tooth is filled with a porcelain inlay - preventing decay and infection whilst strengthening and improving tooth structure.

If a larger portion of the tooth is decayed or broken the patient may require the application of a dental onlay. In such circumstances, an onlay can save the natural tooth and avoid the need for other treatments such as a dental crownbridge or implant surgery treatment.

Benefits of the dental inlay / onlay treatments

  • the natural tooth can be saved;
  • the tooth structure is corrected and strengthened;
  • inlay/onlays are created to match the form and colour of the tooth;
  • health is restored to the decayed tooth;
  • porcelain inlays/onlays are extremely durable: they can last up to 30 years

The dental inlay / onlay procedure

This treatment requires two appointments. On your first visit, the dentist prepares and cleans all infection from the decayed tooth. The dentist then takes an impression of the tooth and places a temporary inlay / onlay to the tooth. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where a porcelain inlay / onlay is created to match perfectly with the patient's tooth. On the second appointment, the permanent porcelain inlay or onlay is applied by the dentist.

The end result ? A healthy, restored tooth for a beautiful smile!

In the case of a decayed or broken tooth, a porcelain dental inlay / onlay is highly recommended. Our dentists in Hungary can guarantee you will receive a high quality dental inlay / onlay so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of having healthy teeth!