Laser Blended Vision for Presbyopia

The End of Reading Glasses
With Laser Blended Vision Treatment, we offer to help you get rid of the constant and inconvenient need for reading glasses, and to help get your youthful visual capabilities back. What is more, you need not spend fortunes on an overpriced surgery like those performed in the United Kingdom: if you come to Hungary for Laser Blended Vision Treatment, you will receive top-quality treatment using cutting-edge technology, and you will be able to save a significant amount of the costs.

As we are advancing into the 21st century, we are becoming more and more active in our lives, and our age is becoming less of a factor in our activities. This is made possible by the advancements of technology and the increased amount of care that we invest into our well-being. A marvellous new way to reduce the effects aging has on our lives is Laser Blended Vision Treatment: the ability to abandon our reading glasses gives a vital amount of freedom back to us.


A Medical Breakthrough

A Medical Breakthrough
Despite the amazing medical and technological advances in the field of laser eye surgeries in the past 25 years, up until now, doctors have been unable to effectively reduce the effects of Presbyopia – a condition where the ability of the eyes to focus on objects which are near wears away with age. The now well-established laser eye treatment methods like PRK and IntraLASIKeffectively restore and improve far-range focusing ability in the eyes, but the inability to read without the help of reading glasses – a condition that is set on by aging – has proven to be a much more complex puzzle for medical experts and researchers. The treatment known as Monovision, treating one eye for far-range focusing, and the other for close-range focusing, has managed to give only an imperfect solution: it uses outdated, unsophisticated technology on a limited number of patients with a limited amount of success. Also, Monovision treatment reduces the ability to see objects at a medium distance, such as the computer monitor. 
Fortunately, recent medical findings combined with current technological developments have now managed to solve this problem. Laser Blended Vision Treatment is based on the revolutionary technique of Professor Dan Reinstein, who is one of the leading Ophthalmic Surgeons in the United Kingdom.

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    The new revolutionary laser technique 

    End of Reading Glasses

    Laser Blended Vision Treatment is painless, and gives immediate results


The gradual deterioration of our close-range focusing ability throughout our lives is inevitable. There is no immunity for Presbyopia; every one of us has to face it at one point during our lifetime. As our body muscles and skin lose their flexibility, so do our eyes: the movement of the muscles that control the focus of the lens in the eye becomes restricted, and we find that it is increasingly harder to read the newspaper or to see the buttons on the mobile phone. We need to hold the object a little bit further away from our eyes in order to be able to read. But the deterioration soon advances to a much greater degree, and we end up with a pair of reading glasses as our constant companion.

The Procedure

From the patient’s point of view, Laser Blended Vision Treatment is very similar to the IntraLASIK procedure. It is painless, and gives immediate results: the patient can enjoy the benefits of a sharp vision without reading glasses right after the procedure. The healing process is also very quick: in most cases, patients can return to their regular activities within a couple of days.
Today’s laser eye surgery equipment has allowed surgeons to create the perfect technique to treat Presbyopia. The eyes are treated for different focusing ranges: one eye will be able to focus on objects at a great distance; the other will be able focus on closer objects. Unlike in the Monovision technique, these focusing ranges overlap somewhat in the two eyes, making it much easier for the brain to create sharp images of objects at a medium proximity. From the two eyes set for different focusing ranges, the brain will adapt and manage to create a sharp image at all ranges.
Prior to the procedure, all patients will undergo a simple test to determine whether the treatment is appropriate for them or not. It has been shown that the Laser Blended Vision procedure is appropriate for about 97% of the patients. Moreover, should you decide, some time after the treatment, that you need an even sharper long-range vision more than the ability to read without reading glasses – you will still be able to undergo a treatment to condition both eyes for far and mid-range focusing.

What We Offer

Laser Blended Vision Treatment is a ground-breaking procedure, only performed at a limited number of clinics in the world. This procedure is now performed in Hungary exclusively at our clinic in Budapest, which is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and provides care according to the highest European standards – in a beautiful environment. The cost of the treatment of both eyes is 594,000 HUF at our clinic, approximately £1,700. The cost of the same treatment at a clinic in the United Kingdom could be as high as £6,300 – this could mean a saving of 73% in treatment cost.
Inquire about the procedure today – we are glad to answer all of your questions, and arrange a consultation for you.

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