Terms of payments

Payments for cosmetic dentistry

At our dental clinics in Hungary you have the option to choose from two payment methods:

  • cash - (HUF, EUR, USD or GBP)
  • OR
  • credit card - (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro)


There are some exceptional discounts when the cost of the dental treatment exceeds the following:

  • 5% discount for dental treatments exceding £6,000 or €7,000
  • 10% discount for dental treatments exceding £12,000 or €14,000
  • 3% discount for cash payments (HUF, EURO, USD or GBP)

In case of additional appointments:

For those dental treatments which require more than 2 or 3 appointments, payments should be made separately after each stage of the dental treatment.

The payments for bridges, crowns, etc has to be made as follows:

  • 40% of the whole price immediately following the first appointment
  • 60% after the bridges/crowns are placed

If you prefer, you can also pay before the treatment begins.  Please remember that customers need to show their passports at the time of surgery as a form of personal ID.

Payments for cosmetic surgeries

At our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Budapest, just like at our Dental Clinics, you have the two convenient options for payment:

  • cash - (HUF, EUR, GBP, or USD)
  • credit card - (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro)

Payment of your cosmetic surgery is expected on the morning of your cosmetic surgery.  This fee can be paid either in cash or by credit card.


If you would like to undergo multiple cosmetic surgery procedures at the same time, by combining one or more procedures, you are entitled to a special discount at our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Please discuss the cosmetic treatments you are interested in and ask our customer care service agent about our special combination prices.

Payments for laser eye vision correction surgeries

At our Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Budapest you also have the same two payment options as at our other Clinics:

  • cash - (only payable in Hungarian Forints)
  • OR
  • credit card - (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro)


All of our laser eye surgery patients require an examination before the operation.  During this pre-op appointment, the laser eye surgeon will examine your eyes to determine which laser eye vision correction surgery is best suited to your condition.  Your surgeon will also provide detailed information about the outcome of your procedure. 

The pre-examination is the day before your surgery and the 12,000 HUF fee must be paid at the end of the examination.

Prior to your surgery, we will complete all necessary paperwork and provide you with a comprehensive medical bill, which is payable either by cash or credit card at the Laser Eye Clinic.

Payments for hair transplantation surgeries

At our Hair Transplant Clinic in Budapest you can make the payment in cash only - (HUF, EUR, GBP or USD)

  • We do require a 20% deposit to book a hair transplantation surgery date.

Your payment balance is due on the morning of the procedure at the hair transplantation clinic. 

Payments for orthopedic surgeries

  • Prepayment is required.