Porcelain dental crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are the most distinguished among the available crown types. All-porcelain crowns are also referred to as all-ceramic crowns as the porcelain consists of a high quality ceramic.
The end result of choosing all-porcelain dental crowns is beautiful natural looking teeth.


Why choose a porcelain dental crown ?

An all-porcelain dental crown is the most optimal choice due to its' strength and natural lustrous white appearance. An all-porcelain dental crown contrasts with the porcelain fused to metal crown which often shows a tell-tale dark line at gum level taking away from the natural look of the tooth.

All- ceramic crowns (PROCERA or ZIRCON crowns): Porcelain dental crowns are extremely popular with our patients as they offer excellent translucency so they provide the most natural look. They are the best option for front teeth because of their “life-like” appearance. There are many types of all-ceramic crowns available.
Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM): porcelain is combined with metal shell for increased strength and durability. If the crown is for a back tooth, porcelain fused to metal is a good choice, as it's very strong, makes a good chewing surface and it also offers a good blend of appearance    

The advantages of metal-free (porcelain or zirconium) dental crowns and dental bridges:

  • 100% metal-free, biocompatible – high-allergy-risk patients can also have them
  • great solution for high-span bridges
  • suprastructures on implants
  • high aesthetic demand

PROCERA dental crowns and dental bridges:

  • 99.5 percent pure aluminum oxide, biocompatible
  • strength of PROCERA restorations is higher to withstand functional and parafunctional loadings
  • much precise fit with marginal openings less than 70  µm
  • excellent colour stability and masking effect of the material (translucent coping)

Cost of porcelain crowns

All-porcelain dental crowns vary in cost, depending on where the procedure is performed and the extent of work required. Also, the placement of the dental porcelain veneer: front teeth or back teeth, will influence the price of all-porcelain dental crowns. With the expertise of our dentists at BeautyHungary you have the opportunity to experience the true benefits of all-porcelain crowns at an affordable price.

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