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All the descriptions that you can find in our website is just for information purposes only.  Only general information could be found here. these do not replace the personal consultation with our doctors. We advise to see our surgeon in person to assess what surgery may or may not accomplish for you. Only a personal consultation and examination can help our surgeon to provide you the information about what you, personally, as a unique individual, can expect.


The results of the plastic and cosmetic surgery and other non surgical cosmetic procedures can vary significantly between the patients. As every human is a unique individual, each case is different. Every surgery has unique aspects. That is why no two surgical procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. 


There are many statements opinions and testimonials on our website. These are voluntarily and not paid. The testimonials are representative of our satisfied patient experience. 


You can find several before and after photos on our website. These are just our  patients results of their rejuvenation. These pictures are not guarantees that your personal results will be the same or even similar. That’s because you are an individual and many factors impact your results.


All surgeries and all non surgical treatments and procedures are serious and can carry potential complications and risks even it is performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Some risk can be managed better than the others, but risk cannot be eliminated.  If you have any questions regarding these potential risks and complications please discuss them with our surgeons prior to surgery. You have to be sure you are comfortable with any and all of the potential risks and complications before you attend to a surgery.

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