Lip Augmentation

Lip enhancement
The lips are a symbol of concupiscence, but not many women are endowed with such rich, full lips. Through lip enhancement the size and shape of fine, maybe asymmetrical lips can benefit greatly from a lip enhancement treatment which makes the lips more aesthetic and attractive.

A lip augmentation can be performed on both upper and lower lips, separately or simultaneously. If you have thin lips or would like to have the same full lips that you had in your youth, lip augmentation is an effective solution.

Lip enhancement techniques

There are two lip enhancement techniques - the first uses an absorbable agent which is injected into the lip, the benefit of this type of lip enhancement lasts 3 to 6 months. The second lip enhancement procedure utilizes non absorbable agents and lasts a lifetime. We recommend the absorbable agent.

Lip augmentation can be done by natural or sinthetic materials.

Natural material means fat grafting by use of own flat or grafting subcutaneous tissues gained during surgery.Sinthetic materials can be absorbable or permanent.At our clinic we DO NOT USE permanent materials because they destroy tissues and cause many complications, infections, skin problems, bad scarring later.Silicon exist in oil form and given by injection. It is very harmful, dangerous and prohibited material int he European Union.  We do not use silicone.

We can offer  for  lip augmentation :

- injection of long lasting hiarulonic acid (it last 12-14 months)

-  injection of  own fat then graft it into lips (last  8-12 months)


What are the benefits of lip enhancement?

With the above mentioned medical agents, aesthetically full lips can be achieved non-surgically. Lip enhancement is one of the most common cosmetic procedures nowadays; only 10 minutes are needed to achieve attractive lips. Lip injections are used to enhance the beauty and shape of the lips giving lips a fuller younger look which can boost self-confidence and self-image.

The lip enhancement candidate

The ideal candidate for a lip augmentation is emotionally and physically healthy, well-informed, with realistic expectations. Patients should be having it for their own satisfaction and not to conform to the expectations of others. To be an eligible candidate, one must be over 18 years old. We ask patients to quit smoking at least 2-3 weeks before a lip enhancement treatment.

Lip enhancement consultation

You will need to consult with our plastic surgeon personally and discuss the procedure in more detail prior to making any final decision. Our cosmetic surgeon will advise you and recommend the best course of treatment.

Dr. Molnár is the National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics at Allergan, makers of Botox™, Juvéderm™, Latisse™, Lap-Band™ and many other cutting edge products in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.

During your consultation, he will ask you several questions regarding your health, lifestyle and expectations. Lip enhancement is an outpatient procedure, no pre-examination is needed.

To book an appointment, contact us by e-mail or complete our free consultation form.


The lip enhancement procedure

For the comfort of the patient lip enhancement is performed using a local anaesthesia. First the lip is cleansed with alcohol, the treated area numbed, and finally the requested filler material is injected into the lips. One treatment is usually enough to produce satisfactory results, although in some cases the procedure may need to be repeated to achieve optimal results. After injection the plastic surgeon massages the region which is then cleansed again.

You may want to apply cold packs to your lips to minimize swelling and bruising. A lip enhancement process takes about 10-15 minutes at our Plastic Clinic.

Lip enhancement can also be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as face lift, eyelid surgerybotox injectionforehead lift and eyebrow lift.


Recovery after lip enhancement

After a lip enhancement procedure your plastic surgeon will instruct you in regards to post-care. Following his instructions on how to care for lips, is an important key to the success of your surgery. It is likely he will prescribe medicine that will aid the healing process. The surgeon may also prescribe a mild painkiller if you experience too much discomfort or pain. Mild swelling or bruising may appear after the process, to minimize place ice or cold packs onto the treated area.

Lip enhancement risks and potential complications

Your plastic surgeon will explain in detail the potential risks and complications associated with lip enhancement. Complications are rare and can vary depending on the materials being used.

  • infection of the injection site
  • bleeding, bruising and swelling
  • asymmetry
  • sensitivity
  • allergic reaction - a pre-treatment allergy test may be advised

Lip enhancement costs

The price of a lip enhancement depends on the material chosen.

The price of a lip enhancement includes: pre-consultation with your plastic surgeon, local anesthesia, treatment and injections, post surgical controls. Prescriptions for medications may be needed.

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