Dental Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is not an uncommon procedure in dentistry. Dental bone graft surgery is sometimes required for building up and strengthening the bone volume around natural teeth. For this type of surgical procedure the dental bone graft material can either be artificial or harvested from natural healthy bone.

Who will benefit from this type of treatment ?

Dental bone grafting is necessary in situations where bone volume has been diminished by trauma, infections or periodontal disease. Sometimes the treatment may also be recommended to correct damage caused by removable dentures.

What is the primary purpose of dental bone graft surgery ?

One of the most common purposes of dental bone grafting is to strengthen the bones' structure preceding a dental implant as a dental implant needs sufficient support in which to be anchored. In some cases dental bone grafts may also be required to ensure bone strength where the bone might be in danger of breaking, for example, through tooth extraction.

Bone grafting materials used at our Dental Clinic

  • Bio-Oss (Switzerland)
  • Cerasorb (Germany)
  • Biogran (Germany)
  • Tutodent (USA)

How is a bone graft performed ?

In order to effectively restore bone, a small piece of healthy bone is harvested from a suitable area of the patient's body, usually from the chin or hip region.

In an alternative procedure, new bone can be created by using Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs). These BMPs are well known for their bone and cartilage forming capabilities.

Primary Types of Dental Bone Grafts:


Bone for an allograft may be acquired from either cadaveric donors or living donors who are having bone removed during surgery. Allograft dental bone surgery is not uncommon and has been used in periodontal therapy for more than three decades.


This method of dental bone graft surgery traditionally involves taking a small piece of bone, either from other parts of the patient's jaw or from the hip. For acquiring bone from the hip a simple operation is performed by an orthopedic surgeon in a hospital.

However, doctors can now take a less invasive approach by using bone forming cells obtained by needle without the need of surgery. The bone marrow used for this type of dental graft is injected directly into the graft site or mixed with other components to form a composite graft.

Both methods of bone grafting are referred to as "autogenous bone grafts" or "autografts".


The general medical definitions for bone grafts are:

Osteogenic Bone grafting procedure

As we have already mentioned, not all dental bone graft procedures require the removal of bone .Our dentists here in Hungary use the osteogenic bone marrow procedure which utilizes the bone forming cells required to perform a successful bone graft.

Osteoconductive bone grafting procedure

There are some osteoconductive materials known as 'scaffolds', which help bone cells link to each other, allowing them to form the appropriate bone structure. This procedure is referred to as 'allograft' dental bone surgery.

Osteoinductive bone grafting procedure

This procedure involves molecules being introduced into the specific area of the tooth, these molecules are known as Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs). This group of proteins stimulates the development of new bone.


We offer qualitative dental bone grafting

Bone augmentation is a term that is used to describe a variety of procedures that are used to ’build’ bone so that dental implants can be placed. These procedures typically involve grafting (adding) bone or bonelike materials to the jaw, and waiting for the grafted material to fuse with the existing bone over several months.

There are several different procedures that can be used for bone augmentation. Your dentist will select a procedure depending on the type, location and number of implants to be used. If you need a bone graft, it is important that you and your dentist discuss all of the options available to you.

If you have efficient bone structure and your teeth and gums are healthy at the place where you require the dental implant then there is no need for bone graft surgery.

BeautyHungary's experienced dentists have the required expertise in the area of qualitative dental bone grafting. If you think your oral bone structure and volume may be a problem, we have the solutions.