Mommy makeover

Core rejuvenating procedures that cater to the specific needs of a woman’s body after bearing children. Lower body procedures include vagina tightening and restoration.

The process of becoming a mother brings about huge emotional and physical changes in women’s lives. The months of pregnancy and breastfeeding leave their marks on the female body. Mommies, though, want to remain attractive and youthful, and they usually start dieting and exercising to get rid of extra pounds. Those who have gave birth to at least one child, will know that however these two methods are effective, there are certain areas they cannot target. Hanging skin folds in the abdomen area, deflated breasts and cellulite are such problems that hardly ever respond to any treatment. As the baby grows inside, skin tissue and abdominal muscles expand rapidly and after childbirth some regions may look droopy, potentially lined with stretch marks. When nursing days are over, the breasts start to sag and decrease in size.

Fortunately there are many surgical and non-surgical options to regain pre-pregnancy shape, and more and more mommies ask for procedures such as breast lift, tummy tuck or stretch mark removal. Since the physical effects of pregnancy are more or less similar on each woman, they look for the same procedures to rejuvenate their body. This tendency led to the organisation of certain body contouring procedures into a package, referred to as mommy makeover. It provides solution to the special needs and desires of women who have delivered babies. Mommy makeover procedures are combined in such a fashion as to ensure less scarring, shorter recovery time and less discomfort after the surgery. For instance, two procedures that would normally need two different incisions, may be performed using only one incision; or stretch marks can be removed by including the affected skin in the area removed during a tummy tuck or other lifting surgeries.

The most common procedures included in mommy makeover surgery are tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction. It is best to undergo mommy makeover surgery after you have finished breastfeeding and you do not plan to have more babies. You should give your body at least six months to have a chance to relax and normalise.

Below are described the main features of the procedures that can be part of the mommy makeover and the problems they focus on. They can be combined in any way or may be performed separately. Here you can read a brief overview of your options and if you become interested in any of the procedures, please refer to the pages where they are discussed in detail.


What kind of procedures can a mommy makeover consist of?

  • Breast lift surgery
    Restores the firmness of sagging breasts, shapes the breast line and gives the areola a more desirable position. Excess skin is cut out and breast tissues are tightened to make the breasts appear lifted, tauter and rounder.
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  • Breast implant insertion
    Known as breast augmentation it may be performed in tandem with breast lift surgery if you want to further improve the appearance of your breasts and make them larger and fuller. To augment the breasts, the surgeon positions silicone prostheses into the breasts. You can learn more about the wide variety of implant sizes, shapes and incision types on our website.
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  • Breast reduction
    This procedure can also be involved in your mommy makeover, with or without the lifting of the breasts. Besides improving aesthetic features, decreasing the weight of the breasts can successfully relieve neck and back pain. In some cases the size of the areola is also reduced.
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  • Inverted nipple surgery 
    Performed to correct nipples that are retracted into the breast mound. Nipples can be made to protrude, with the careful preservation of the milk ducts.
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  • Tummy tuck
    This procedure involves the tightening of stretched abdominal muscles and the eliminating of excess skin from that area in order to firm and flatten the abdomen. The procedure is widely popular with mommies who have flabby stomachs with possibly wrinkled skin. An additional benefit of tummy tuck surgery is that stretch marks can be included in the removed skin area.
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  • Belly button surgery 
    It is a simple procedure, often carried out as a part of tummy tuck. Pregnancy or Caesarean section can significantly change the navel, making it pop out, become shallow or expand. Plastic surgeons can alter the shape of the belly button or, if necessary, they may create a new one.
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  • Liposuction
    Can implement real change in your contours. Stubborn fat deposits can easily be removed from the thighs, buttocks, back, hips, abdomen or flanks.
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  • Buttock lift surgery 
    It is an excellent option for you if you would like to diminish sagging skin from your bottom and have attractive curves. If you also seek to enlarge your flat backside, you may considerbuttock augmentation procedures.
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  • Thigh lift 
    It is the surgery of choice for women with loose skin folds around their thighs and buttocks. Skin surface is beautifully smoothed and toned during the procedure.
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  • Arm lift surgery 
    It helps you make flopping skin and fat of the upper arm disappear. 
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  • Neck lift 
    It defines the jaw line and smoothes the neck by tightening neck muscles and removing excess skin and fat.
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  • Stretch mark removal 
    It can be achieved by laser skin resurfacing when the skin is treated with laser rays; or surgical techniques, so that the stretched skin area is completely removed in a body lifting procedure.
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  • Genital rejuvenation 
    It is performed by various techniques to restore the size and sensitivity of the labia, clitoris and vagina which can be affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy.
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