Knee replacement surgery

in Hungary


Are you shocked by the price of knee replacement surgery?
Are you tired of fighting with your insurance over the cost of your surgery?
Are you frustrated by long waiting lists for orthopaedic surgery?

The cost of knee  replacement surgery in Hungary is only a fraction of what you’d pay in your home country, with no waiting list, because of the low cost of living in Central Europe.

Average Local

Average Time On  Wait List *

England     GBP 9,700  -                        14,376     

  5 months                                    

US    USD 25,527                       2 months
Canada      USD 21,780          8-9 months


 EUR 9,883 

 4 to 12 months    


Ireland  EUR 16,000  4 to 12 months

* The wait time could be longer if, "delaying the start of your treatment is in your best clinical interests,” or “if it is clinically appropriate for your condition to be actively monitored in secondary care without clinical intervention.” (

What is the aim of the surgery?

Replacing your damaged knee cartilage to relieve painful abrasion that is a result of bone on bone contact.   The replacement knee implants come in chrome, titanium & plastic in a variety of shapes & configurations, which allow the orthopaedic surgeons to choose the best device for a customized fit. 

Immediately following surgery, you will have a dedicated staff of multi lingual nurses, physiotherapists & massage therapists who are committed to your rehabilitation & your return to an active pain-free life.

Get world-class service & first-rate surgical care in Hungary!

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Our surgeons are ready to relieve your pain with the most advanced orthopedic procedures in a beautifully relaxing & stress free rehabilitation facility for just a fraction of the price of orthopedic surgery in the US or the UK!


Why is the cost of orthopedic surgery in Budapest, Hungary so much cheaper?

Medical researchers in the U.S. recently went undercover to study the cost of hip replacement surgery.  Most hospitals did not want to release the total price of hip replacement surgery, but the ones that did had a wide range of prices:  the cheapest surgery was $11,100 & the most expensive was $125,798!  

(March 25, 2013, Journal of the American Medical Association)


Rediscover the joy of all the physical activities you used to do with a brand new hip!

With BeautyHungary, a knee replacement surgery package includes:

  • complete diagnosis and taylor made treatment package
  • all surgery related fee of world class orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in hip & knee replacements
  • two dedicated surgeons who work together on all procedures with over 2,000 major orthopedic surgeries performed
  • a dedicated multilingual medical & nursing staff available 24 hours a day
  • state-of-the-art fully equipped operating rooms  
  • name brand orthopedic implants guaranteed for the life of the replacement joint (The implant is a Johnson & Johnson basic cement implant of a value 600 EUR, if the surgeon suggest other type depends on each individual case), the price may change accordingly)
  • private medical room at a well-respected hospital maintaining international medical standards
  • room & meals (full board) with beverages (non-alcoholic) at our exclusive stress-free medical resort for your entire stay
  • 17 days of full time physical rehabilitation with all medical services, Cardiac Specialist, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Medical Masseuse, daytime medical staff at our world-class on-site rehabilitation facilities.
  • massage, relaxation & physiotherapy multi-lingual therapists
  • all transfers, which include airport, medical resort, & hospital visits
  • your own personal patient care coordinator starting with your very first contact with BeautyHungary
  • all taxes

Don’t go on a wait list!  Don’t break the bank! 

Get world-class service & first-rate surgical care in Budapest, Hungary!


Will my insurance cover the cost of knee replacement surgery? 

  • Citizens of the European Union who choose to seek treatment in Budapest, Hungary, in certain circumstances & under certain conditions, will have the cost of the treatment reimbursed by their home country. *
  • Generally, the patient pays for procedures upfront and would then be reimbursed by their national health authority. 
  • EU countries can choose to confirm the cost of any procedure performed in another country based on the healthcare treatment estimate presented by the patient.  BeautyHungary is happy to provide you with all the paperwork necessary to present to your home country’s local health authority.
  • Patients from other countries should discuss their individual insurance plans with their BeautyHungary patient coordinator.


* For more detailed information about the EU Cross Border Healthcare Regulations (effective October 25, 2013follow the  link to the full healthcare directive.

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Who is a candidate for knee replacement surgery?

Sometimes, knee pain can’t be relieved with an alternative diet, pharmaceutical medication or physical therapy.  Painful knees may be the result of repetitive abuse, such as playing sports or suffering a work related injury.  But you might also need knee replacement surgery to relieve the pain of regular wear & tear from knee joint degeneration caused by age or arthritis.    


If you suffer from:

  • knee pain or joint pain caused by a repetitive injury or everyday wear & tear
  • arthritis of the knee, including swelling & pain when walking or using the stairs
  • knee stiffness, including limping, limited range of motion or weakness in the knee joint

If you are suffering from these indications, the first step is to see your local orthopaedist.

           Your second step is to contact BeautyHungary for more information!

Rediscover the joy of all the physical activities you used to do with a brand new knee!