About Dental Crowns

A Dental crown is used to improve the function and appearance of a tooth, concealing it in part or in whole. In some instances, the original shape of a tooth can be restored. Whenever dentists perform a dental restoration a popular and most efficient solution is to use a dental crown.

A typical dental treatment that is frequently used is the filling which repairs and covers only a portion of the tooth. However, dental crowns renew the whole of the tooth’s surface with remarkable results, helping you to have a more beautiful and confident smile.

Why choose a dental crown ?

There are many reasons why dental crowns are popular, for instance, you can avoid having one of your natural teeth replaced by an artificial one. Instead of a dental implant, a dental crown can be used to avoid the removal of your natural teeth. A crown maintains the tooth's structure which may have lost its shape or deteriorated to a high degree. When the dental crown is placed on top of the tooth, the normal shape and look is recovered.

The best dental crown ?

There are several types of dental crown for our patients to choose from, depending on his or her dental requirements and preferences. We understand that function, comfort and appearance are of paramount importance when investing in dental health.

The primary types of crowns include: metal crowns (gold dental crowns), ceramic and porcelain dental crowns (fused-to-metal). Dental crowns can be applied either as temporary or permanent solutions to our patients dental requirements.

What is the most appropriate type of dental crown for you ?

Your dental professional will be happy to advise you on the best dental crown for your requirements.

We are happy to provide you with more information on your personal options.


Metal dental crowns

Metal crowns are the crown of choice for the majority of patients as they offer the best longevity with the smallest amount of tooth loss. This type of crown is also the least noticeable due to its natural color. Three primary metals used for this type of crown include gold, nickel, palladium and chromium.

Ceramic dental crowns

Ceramic crowns give a natural appearance to teeth. Porcelain crowns have a color that can be closely matched to the tooth's original color. Their resistance is better than ceramic crowns and they give a better overall appearance.

Temporary dental crowns

Some dental crowns are applied as a temporary measure whilst the patient awaits a permanent crown which is created in a dental laboratory. Once the new crown is finished the temporary crown is removed and the new crown applied to the tooth.

In order to have a glamorous smile and healthy teeth, the most recommended and convenient solution is a dental crown.

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Crowns and bridges

At Batorfi Dental Clinic we are specialized in the area of dental crowns and bridges. We can give you the most aesthetic result possible with the best dental materials and technology available Dental crowns are synthetic, crafted caps that fit over damaged teeth. As we get older, our teeth might begin to weaken and become structurally unsound because of many problems such as decays, root canal treatments, lost fillings, cracks,damages or improper bite and grinded teeth. These situtations require tooth restoration that can help restore the proper function and aesthetic of the natural tooth.  

What are the benefits of dental crowns:

  • protect tooth from from further damage or decay
  • eliminate pain or sensitivity
  • strenghten broken, cracked teeth
  • protect a weak tooth (root canal)
  • maintain a balanced bite
  • restore functionality
  • effective and long term solution -with proper oral health up to 15 years
  • look and feel completely natural (no visible difference between a dental 
  • less plaque retention due to smooth and accurate shape of the crown
  • crown and your natural teeth) to improve appearance
  • You can save 40 - 80 % with BeautyHungary as your provider of quality dental care.

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