Dental hygiene

Dental (oral) hygiene treatments are to keep your mouth and teeth healthy in order to prevent dental problems, discolouring of the teeth and bad breath, including the removal of dental plaque and tartar from the teeth which causes cavities, the tooth scaling and tooth polishing.

The bacteria of the dental plaque and tartar are inflaming the gum and atrophy of the bone underneath. There are several parts in our mouth that are difficult to clean, professional tooth cleaning is recommended at least in every 2 years. Plaque removal is indispensable as well to have good oral health. Teeth whitening procedures are the easiest way of getting a brighter smile in a short period of time.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning includes the removal of dental plaque and tartar, the tooth scaling and tooth polishing by a dental hygienists or a dentist. They remove deposits from the teeth that cause cavities. There are several areas in the mouth that are difficult to reach on his own, that's why professional tooth cleaning is recommended once every year or at least in every 2 years. Professional tooth cleaning is part of a complete oral hygiene. If someone smoking or have a tendency to get gum infections need to visit the dentist more often.

Plaque removal

Dental plaque is the soft, white and sticky film on the teeth which comes from food, drink, cigarette and mineral salts. This colourless layer on the teeth and also under the gum line contains huge amounts of bacteria. It is the main cause of cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease if it's not removed twice daily. Plaque removal is indispensable to have good oral health and to prevent periodontal diseases. Plaque cannot cause any problems but after a few days without removing it, an excessive levels start to accumulates and it will harden transforming to so called tartar.

Tartar removal

Tartar (calculus) is a yellow-colored, hard deposit on the teeth. It contains food, drinks, such as coffee or red wine and also mineral salts, like plaque, which is soft. Tartar is hard, rough deposit on the surface of the teeth and can not be removed by toothbrush. Tartar removal is an important part of your oral health and it can only be made by dental hygienist or dentist. It is important to mention that the procedure does not damage your natural tooth surface and also it is a quite simple dental hygiene treatment. Tartar should be removed not only on the visible surface, also under the gum area. Tartar can cause serious problems on your teeth, gums and bone structure, therefore it is a highly recommended procedure by dental professionals.

Teeth polishing

Teeth Polishing makes the rough surface of the tooth smooth, clean and shiny again. Bacteria are able to stick on the teeth, even if you wash your teeth twice a day. Dental hygienist or dentist is using a slow speed soft rubber cup which is spinning around on the teeth, to make your smile whiter and brighter.

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