Buttock lift surgery

The buttock lift is among the latest techniques developed in the field of plastic surgery. It is designed to provide solution for those who have to deal with a considerable amount of excess skin in the buttock and upper thigh region. The butt lift surgeon cuts out excess tissue and tightens the remaining skin to elevate the butt cheeks.

The loss of skin elasticity can have natural causes such as the ageing process and hormonal changes and may also derive from the rapid decrease in fat mass after a sudden weight loss, pregnancy or a former body reshaping procedure involving liposuction. The skin cannot adapt to the change in the amount of underlying tissue, and therefore starts to droop, bringing about aesthetic and psychological problems.

Buttock lift surgery works efficiently as a solo procedure, it is, however, often performed as a part of a body lift, in tandem with thigh lift and tummy tuck.

Buttock lift or butt lift is an invasive surgical procedure and in order to avoid the discomfort of various operations, plastic surgeons prefer to treat other disorders at the same time. This means that besides getting rid of extra skin on your bottom, you may also undergo liposuction to eliminate excess fat from your flank, gluteal or thigh area.

If you, on the other hand, seek to increase the volume of your buttocks, a buttock implant can be placed under the skin or the surgeon may apply the brazilian butt lift technique to inject the fat that has been removed earlier back into your butt cheeks. As you can see, there is a wide range of varieties to combine different methods and to individualise the procedure.

We are happy to provide you with more information on your personal options.

Let us know by filling out our online consultation form why you are dissatisfied with this area of your body and what changes you would like to make, and one of our specialists will kindly help you making a well-informed decision.

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The procedure itself

The surgery takes one to two hours depending on how much skin needs to be removed and whether other body contouring procedures are carried out. The patient is under general anaesthesia throughout the procedure. The surgeon makes the incision just above the buttocks following the curve of the butt cheeks. Butt lift surgery does leave scars but the cuts are placed carefully along the line where the upper edge of the underwear would be so they can be well concealed even under the tiniest bikini. The tightening of the skin is done by cutting out an ellipse segment of skin and fat and raising the remaining skin to the extent where it becomes smooth. Think of your skin as a pair of pants that you pull up until it is firm enough to fit your muscles. The surgeon then stitches up the wounds in the body with dissolvable sutures and closes the incision with a non-dissolvable thread.

When the amount of skin folds is significant, the surgeon may choose to perform a full buttock lift with the incision line running through the hips and the groin crease. If the amount of sagging skin is minimal, it might be diminished by a butt wedge excision. In this case the incision is placed in the gluteal fold at the junction of the butt and the thigh, so the buttocks are tautened rather than lifted, and scarring is less noticeable.

Healing after buttock lift surgery

Right after the procedure a compression garment is applied to reduce swelling and help the skin tighten. Patients are most often able to leave the clinic the next day after the procedure. Since the operating field is near the rectal area, you will have to follow strict instructions in order to avoid the danger of infection. You will experience some bruising and swelling which usually begin to subside in a month and need about three months to disappear completely. You should wear special supportive underpants for some weeks and light exercise is strongly recommended to help the healing process.

You will be advised not to stress your buttock area and avoid sitting for ten to fourteen days. In two weeks you may return to work and you can start strenuous activity within two or three months. It can take as long as six months to recover entirely and feel like your old self again. Expect the final results in nine to twelve months. By that time your scars will have faded and your buttocks will have a sleeker, more toned look. An additional benefit of buttock lift is that the lifted buttocks make your legs look longer and more slender so that your overall appearance improves.

Feel free to ask any questions you still have regarding the procedure, we will thoroughly answer each of them.

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