Laser eye surgery clinic in Budapest

Our laser eye surgery clinic (Lasik Center) is situated in the most calming environment in the heart of Budapest, on Margaret Island. Among the locals, Margaret Island is a very popular part of the city: they often come here to relax, or for some sporting activities. The beautiful and peaceful island on the river Danube is an ideal place for the clinic.

Our LASIK surgery clinic provides the latest laser vision correction procedures, in accordance with the highest technical standards. Since 1990, our clinic has been giving back the experience of vision for thousands of patients.

A short history of our laser eye surgery clinic

  • 1996
    With the introduction of PRK in 1996, a new chapter started in our clinic, which became specialized in laser eye vision correction surgeries.
  • 1998
    The LASIK technology appeared, and it was introduced in our clinic, which became one of the most appreciated Lasik Centers in Europe
  • 2000
    Today, the primary and most popular procedure is the IntraLASIK laser eye surgery, which was first introduced and used in our laser eye surgery clinic here in Budapest

At our laser eye surgery center there have been over 22 000 surgeries performed already. The Margaret Island, where the clinic is situated, is very easy to reach from anywhere in the city, as it is right in the centre of the capital.

Why choose BeautyHungary for your eye vision correction surgery?

The main goal of corrective laser eye surgery is to refocus images right on the retina, which can be done by reshaping the cornea. With the help of BeautyHungary, you have the chance to take advantage of exceptional eye correction surgery, and thus your vision can greatly improve. Our ophthalmologists from Hungary provide the most qualitative cosmetic eye surgery and will inform you about whether you can be candidate for laser eye vision correction surgery or not.

We are eager to answer all your questions and make the necessary arrangements for you, including the arrangement of the consultation with your eye surgeon, organizing your travel to Hungary, booking an accommodation within your budget, as well as other extra services up on your request as soon as you arrive in Budapest.

What happens during the laser surgery?

Light rays going through the human cornea (the front surface of the eye) must be precisely projected on the retina in order for sharp images to be created of distant objects.

If the image is blurred, light rays may be directed at the right spot with glasses or contact lenses.

Instead of glasses or contact lenses, the refraction of the cornea itself can be changed with the help of a laser beam. This is like putting a permanent, invisible contact lens on the eye.

So the laser can be used to very precisely change the refraction of the cornea in the intended direction, curing either shortsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hypermetropia) or astigmatism.

Light rays are projected onto the retina in the laser-treated eye just like in a healthy, untreated eye. The laser beam is controlled by a computer, entirely independently of human influence.

The correction surgery is painless, takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and requires no special cooperation on the part of the patient.

IntraLasik laser eye vision correction