Our laser eye surgeons

The certified laser eye surgeons at BeautyHungary know exactly that the ability to see clearly is one of our greatest gifts. Eyesight plays an essential role in perceiving the world and it might be really uncomfortable to be dependent on glasses or contact lenses. That is why our eye surgeons find it tremendously important that their clients leave the clinic feeling at ease and contented.

They give particular attention to patient education and deep, direct communication. They are each proficient in English and most of them also speak other languages, such as German or French, fluently. You will experience a sense of security provided by the fact that you are able to discuss with your surgeon your concerns, goals and every details of your procedure in your native language.

Our specialists regularly attend training courses and conferences in order to keep their skills continuously updated and maintain the highest standard of professionalism. Their world-class treatments are internationally recognised. Besides using the most advanced technology, they develop an excellent rapport with their patients to create a relaxed atmosphere during the consultations and the procedure itself. We understand that undergoing laser eye surgery is a huge step in your life and we would like you to feel you have made a brilliant decision.


Dr. Zsuzsánna Kónya - Specialist for IntraLASIK

University Degree: 
SOTE - Semmelweis Medical UniversityBudapest, Hungary - 1986 

Additional courses:
Specialist for Ophtalmology - 1990
Specialist for IntraLASIK - 2005

Other work experience:
making PRK treatments since 2001
making IntraLASIK treatments since 2005

German, Hungarian and English

Reg nr: 43838

Other members of our laser eye surgeons team

  • Dr Erzsébet Fodor – Institution leader and eye-specialist
  • Dr Julianna Kerekes – refractive surgeon
  • Dr Zsuzsanna Kónya – refractive surgeon
  • Dr Szilvia Molnár – Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Ilona Németh – cataract surgeon
  • Dr Katrin Fachmann – anti-squint surgeries