Hair Transplantation
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Edward Drew, Ireland , FUE Hair transplantation

" I am happy to decide to have a FUE surgery with Dr.Mantse in Budapest. They provided me a flowless service from the beginning till the very end. 

Szilvia, the Clinic's customer care coordinator was always there for me.She answered all my e-mails and phone calls immediately,scheduled my surgery dates arranged my transportation from-to airport, from-to clinic.

I was staying 4 nights in Budapest. BeautyHungary booked me a top class hotel very close to the clinic where the first 2 nights were complimentary!!!!

What I liked about the surgeon was that while he was putting in the hair he gave lots of breaks and in one of the periods between breaks he had trasplanted a huge area. He also got the hairline correct when you take into account the amount of hairs that there were to use. The  doctor's team were all very good and the clinic a was very clean.

The surgery I had was virtually painless and very cheap in comparison to other clinics. I have checked previously I made my decision.

As  the surgeon is Canadian, I could understand him perfectly. 

I would highly recommend the doctor to anyone, as he offers an excellent , punctual  but cheap service."

Andreas C., London,UK, FUE Hair transplantation

"Dr Mantse worked with his wife, she was acting as the nurse who removed the hair follicles. They worked perfectly together that saved a lot of time and made the whole process very efficient. 

Also knowing that the surgeon was there and responsible for the entire procedure was very reassuring. Dr Mantse was able to answer all my questions and leave me in no doubt as to the highest quality of the service provided. I have already recommended him personally to very close friends telling them to have no doubts as to the high service and value of money You provide.I would also return myself in the future should I wish to have additional work carried out.

They were always polite, professional and allowed me to view the grafts under the microscope as they were being prepared.

 I had no doubts as to the high quality of hygiene and sanitation in the clinic.I liked there  the most the sense of peace and privacy.

I took a private taxi to the clinic on the mornings  and I was very impressed with Dr Mantse personally taking me to the hotel each night. This would never happen in London.

 Erika provided a very personal service throughout.Thanks for everything! "

Daniella S.,  2012.10.16 from UK,  FUE Hair transplantation

Dear Erica,

After a few days my head is very itchy from all the injections, especially at night when I lie down on my pillow. But I guess that's to be expected.
I'm very satisfied with the operation and everything. Dr. Mantse and his team were all very professional. They were all very nice and good at their jobs.

Dr.Manste was able to answer all of my questions and walked me through everything. He was efficient and cared a lot about giving me the best results. I really felt I was in the best hands possible. It was easy communicating with him, and he always answered my questions thoroughly and made sure I understood what he meant.
So I'm very glad I chose your clinic. The operation room, the hallway and the reception was spotless.
I would definitely recommend your clinic to my friends. BeautyHungary's service was great. The staff was great. I felt safe during the whole procedure.
We really loved Budapest. Everybody we met were so nice and helpful. My boyfriends grandfather was from Budapest so he had a great time reaching back to his roots.
We will definitely come back some day." 



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