Our Guarantee for Dental Treatment

Our dentists in Hungary offer you a guarantee for all of the work they perform, with the exception of root canal treatments.

There are specific requirements that one needs to meet in order to qualify for a new treatment within this guarantee period:

  1. the patient has recourse to some kind of treatment such as a dental implant, crown or bridge, in pursuance of one hygiene session per year; plus he/she is following treatments such as porcelain veneers in pursuance of two hygiene sessions per year. Also he/she is required to adhere to all maintenance program guidelines.
  2. the retrievals and dental implants are not being damaged by other similar treatments or by any kind of gum or bone disease.

These are the requirements to be eligible for the guarantee offered.

Travel costs or accommodation costs are not covered if repeat treatments are required.

Our dental clinics and dentists lay emphasis on quality and patient satisfaction

Each clinic and dentist satisfies all requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system attested by TÜV SÜD.


Our clinics provide a guarantee for the following dental treatments:

  • BIT Implant - (Hungary) 12 years quarantee
  • Dentium Implant (South Korea)-15 years quarantee
  • Straumann Implants SLActive (Switzerland - USA) ONLY 6 weeks healing time-Lifetime warrantee 
  • SIC Implants (Switzerland) -20 years quarantee
  • Alpha Bio Tec Implants by Nobel Group (Israel)-Lifetime warrantee
  • Zimmer Dental Implants (USA)-Lifetime warrantee
  • Nobel Biocare Implants (Sweeden)-Lifetime warrantee
Bridges,crowns,veneers and inlays    

3 years

Partial and full dentures 1 year
Fillings 1 year
Overdenture (on implant) 3 years

Guarantee terms:

  • dentist's instructions have to be followed
  • removable restorations such as partial dentures or full dentures have to be kept
  • and maintained properly
  • a yearly check-up must be attended

The guarantee does not apply to the following:

  • allergies, unrelated tooth illnesses (and their consequences), if they occur after the treatment and were not noticeable or present before the procedure
  • damage caused by extreme stress (e.g. due to grinding at night or grip of teeth)
  • damage that has not been brought to the clinic's attention first and/or any damage that was subsequently attempted to be restored by a 3rd party (e.g. dentist, dental technician) without the clinic's prior agreement
  • temporary dentures, crowns or bridges
  • bone grafting procedures (bone block, bone augmentation, sinus lift, bone from hip)
  • tooth-whitening procedures
  • the inappropriate selection of the colour and shape of the dental work by the patient (we always provide the opportunity for the patient to choose but we cannot ultimately take responsibility for the patient's choice).
  • root canal treatment (root canal treatment has high risk factors even under the most careful dental treatment, so we regret but unfortunately the clinic is not in a position to provide a guarantee for this)
  • if your tooth or root canal is unexpectedly found injured (i.e. it was not visible during the diagnosis, X-ray, CT scan or consultation) or if the root canal opens during the preparation of fixed prosthetic work (crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays) the Clinic does not take responsibility for any root canal treatment that may be required as a consequence. In these cases the additional treatment shall be carried out at the patient's expense (e.g. complex root canal treatment, root extraction, new prosthetic work, etc.)
  • any "consequential loss" including but not limited to loss of income during or after the treatment or remedial work or any other loss. You may be able to take out independent insurance to cover such circumstances.
  • any travel and/or accommodation costs. If you wish to arrange cover for these, you should independently take out insurance that has specific cover for travel and accomodation cost in connection with seeking dental / health treatment abroad.

    The complete guarantee does not include travelling and accommodation costs and is only valid for remedial dental work