The Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic

Introducing you to our dental clinic in Hungary
BeautyHungary’s quality management is based on the principle that we enter into partnership with only the leading and most Hungarian respected dental clinics. We have selected our partners out of several fine and distinguished dental clinics, after thorough examination and consideration, in order to provide our clients with service of an exceptional quality.

We believe trust is one of the most important features in our work, that is why we place great emphasis on the maintenance of high standards. We are in close contact with each of dental clinic, getting informed about their work and letting them know about the comments from our patients.

Once you are determined to undergo dental treatment abroad, finding the best clinic is just as essential as finding the appropriate procedure. These are the things we are inclined to help you with.

A short introduction of Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic

Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic, with its excellent national and international reputation, world-class dental treatments and incredibly competitive prices, attracts thousands of patients each year from Northern and Western European countries and even the United States.

Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic, opened in 2002, prides itself on being acknowledged internationally as a centre of excellence for providing top quality oral and dental treatments along with an exceptional patient care service. In 2008, the Batorfi Clinic was extended and, with the technological improvement, is now considered to be among the most highly equipped clinics throughout Europe. Located in a charming and peaceful district of the Hungarian capital Budapest, Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic offers first-class dental care in all specialties of dentistry, with a special focus on implantology and bone grafting. The leading position of the Clinic may derive from the policy that the respected professionals working here carry out all procedures with the most devoted care, from the simplest routine procedures to the most complex ones.

The popularity of Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic has steadily been increasing among not only Hungarian patients but also dental tourists visiting Central Europe. In fact, cost-effectiveness of Hungarian dental work, meaning top quality treatment at a fraction of Western European prices, have already attracted over 35,000 foreign patients to Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic, mainly from England and Ireland. In order to make their treatments more comfortable, the Clinic opened a consultation office in London as well. Contact us through BeautyHungary today and join our satisfied clients who received dental treatment at Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic.

Accreditations and certifications of our dental implant clinic

The following authorities and professional organisations officially recognise and consistently control the work of Bátorfi Dental Implant Clinic, so as to assure patient satisfaction and continuous development.

The Hungarian National Public Health and Medical Officer Service - ANTSZ 2000
The Hungarian National 
Public Health and 
Medical Officer Service 
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000