Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening has become one of the best known teeth whitening techniques in the field of dentistry. Over the years there have been many changes in the area of dental technology. One of the greatest and most popular innovations is the invention and use of modern teeth whitening techniques.

Nowadays, when people are faced with the problem of stained or discolored teeth there is the perfect solution – laser teeth whitening. Who wouldn't like to have an exceptional smile? Teeth whitening is a procedure that restores the whiteness of teeth so that they once again have a healthy luster.

Each of us would like to have an enviable smile or to be confident while we talk, not having to worry about unattractive, stained or discolored teeth. Over the years certain foods and beverages such as coffee take their toll on our teeth. Teeth whitening treatments are an efficient means of restoring dull teeth back to their natural pearly white look.

The Laser teeth whitening process guarantees you the attractive white teeth you have longed for.Dentists at BeautyHungary offer you this possibility, using the newest techniques in this field.

Even though the Laser teeth whitening system is a little more expensive than other whitening treatments, the results far outweigh the difference in cost.

How is this technique being applied?

In only one hour your teeth can look just like new.

  • The laser teeth whitening process is a simple one which starts with the cleaning of the teeth with special toothpaste and the removal of all plague along the gum line.
  • Next a peroxide based gel is applied to the teeth, this whitening gel assures the process will be a great success.
  • A special light activates the gel for one hour, whitening the teeth by approximately 10 shades.

If the stains are deeper the process will be repeated until the desired shade is obtained.

Why choose the laser teeth whitening procedure?

The Laser teeth whitening technique is one of the most efficient in-office whitening methods for people who have sensitive teeth. In these cases the bleaching gel is used only once and there is no need to return to the dentist for more sessions. In one hour sensitive teeth will be brighter than they have ever been.

Laser teeth whitening produces amazing results, teeth are not only cleaned on the surface but also below - all stains are removed completely.

After the treatment

The treatment's permanence depends on each person but it has been proven that it can last up to seven years. After the procedure you should clean your teeth twice a day, it is also wise to reduce the consumption of foods that are most likely to stain teeth, this maintains the durability of the whitening process. Sometimes a whitening treatment causes short-term teeth sensitivity but this varies from person to person.