Power teeth whitening

Power teeth whitening is one of the many tooth whitening techniques used by dentists to enhance and whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening has become quite fashionable worldwide with more and more people benefiting from its instant effect, whitening teeth to the way they should look. BeautyHungary offers several teeth whitening procedures at the most affordable prices, making it a popular clinic for those looking to enhance their smile.

Why choose the power tooth whitening treatment ?

Power teeth whitening combines the powerful effect of home bleaching with the speed of the laser whitening technique. With its outstanding technology this teeth whitening procedure lightens teeth rapidly and most efficiently. Being the best combination of the laser teeth whitening and home whitening process, the power whitening treatment is a highly recommended tooth whitening solution.

The whitening process

BeautyHungary's dentists are happy to advise you on a teeth whitening treatment that best suits you ! The tooth whitening procedure is quite simple. Before applying protection to the gums the dentist will first remove all tartar and plague from the teeth.

Once the teeth have been cleaned and gums protected a whitening concentrate in the form of a gel is applied to the teeth, a laser light is then used to apply heat to the gel, activating the whitening process – this takes approximately one hour. After this stage of the treatment is completed in the clinic the patient then continues the process at home by applying a tray and whitening agent supplied by the dental clinic.

The whitening tray and tooth whitening gel are applied for about 2-3 hours a day over a 5 day period. At the end of the 5 days the patient returns to the clinic where the results of the whitening procedure are evaluated. If the dentist sees fit, he may recommend a follow up treatment for optimal results.

The power teeth whitening procedure is simple and painless. During the treatment patients can relax, watch TV or listen to the radio. There are no side-effects of the power tooth whitening process as the laser used for activating the whitening gel produces very little heat. In some people tooth sensitivity may be experienced but this disappears within a matter of days.

One of the world's leading clinics in cosmetic dentistry, BeautyHungary offers you high quality cosmetic dentistry at the most affordable prices. The result of the power teeth whitening treatment is outstanding and will truly give you something to smile about !