Body rejuvenation

New Body, New You!
Cosmetic surgery combos or packages are carefully selected procedures combined and performed in tandem for the best aesthetic results and full-scale makeover.

New Body, New You!

BeautyHungary brings you premium quality cosmetic surgeries at reasonable prices, and our clients vouch for us. We are known for our excellent services, state-of-the-art technology, certified plastic surgeons, and quality care before and after surgery.BeautyHungary offers a complete range of cutting edge cosmetic surgery procedures for women & men in a state-of-the-art clinic where you will be treated to private & personalized 24-hour care.

Experience long-lasting changes in your shape with 2 complementary procedures in our Body Rejuvenation package.


Some of our cosmetic surgery services for body rejuvenation:

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One of the greatest benefits of undergoing several different treatments all at once is that in a few hours’ time a complete transformation may be accomplished. The changes are especially apparent in the case of facial combos as an appropriate procedure may make one look decades younger. The results of body lift surgery are also spectacular.

Another consideration is financing. Choosing combined procedures will reduce your plastic surgery bill by a significant amount thanks to the fact that there is only one facility fee, one anaesthesiologist’s and surgeon’s fee, moreover you have to pay only once for travel, accommodation and further expenses. Additionally, these standard packages usually cost less than the included procedures put together. What is more, you also save on the time and effort. You can reduce the amount of time off work as well as the total time needed for recovery. It is much more time-efficient and requires less energy from the body to have multiple procedures at once and recover once than to have various single procedures followed by several recuperation periods.

  • Autumn special offer

    Autumn offer

    BeautyHungary is offering big discounts off all cosmetic surgery procedures for its patients, including savings on breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, face lift and many more

    1. Mommy makeover OFFER


      Breast correction and tummy tuck combo surgery,anesthesia,3 nights at the clinic with 24 nurse service and catering,check ups, medications,garments. FREE airport transfer! more...

    2. See what others say:

      Elizabeth from Sydney, Australia

      "Hi Szilvia,

      I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do... read more...

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