Eyelid surgery for men

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a popular procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the lower and upper eyelid region, which instantly eliminates drooping eyelashes and sinking upper eyelids while also correcting puffy and baggy lower eyelids, which can cause a tired, worn-out look. It’s hard to believe that having a minor eyelid surgical procedure results in opening up the entire eye area resulting in a dramatically fresher, smoother, and younger appearance

Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin on the upper eyelid hood and eliminates puffiness in the inner corner and middle of the upper eyelid.
Lower eyelid surgery removes fat deposits and loose skin from the lower eyelids to eliminate puffiness.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery combines both procedures for a full eye
makeover to fully rejuvenate the entire eye area for a fresher and more
youthful appearance

Double Asian eyelid surgery is not meant to change the cosmetic appearance of Asian eyes into Caucasian eyes, but the procedure does create a fold in the upper eyelid, which allows the eye to be more visible and gives the face a more open look

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How is upper eyelid surgery for men performed?

Upper eyelid surgery is a simple 30-minute surgical procedure performed using local anesthesia with a light intravenous sedation.   Dr. Molnár makes a slight incision underneath each eyebrow to remove excess fat and tighten the skin before carefully closing the incision electro-cauterization, which helps seal blood vessels and reduce hemorrhaging.

How is lower eyelid surgery for men performed?

The lower eyelid surgery also lasts approximately 30 minutes under a local anesthetic with a light intravenous sedation.  When working on the lower eyelid, Dr. Molnár will make a clean incision down the lash line in order to remove excess fat and skin.  Gentle sutures are used to close the incision and will remain in place for 3 to 5 days after the operation until they are removed.

Recovery from eyelid surgery for men

The first night after any eyelid surgery, it is important to keep your head elevated with cold compresses applied to the eyes to reduce swelling.  For the first few days you may experience a stretched sensation around your eyes, and you may use special drops and creams to lubricate your eyes in case there’s a feeling of dryness.  The eyelids might look slightly red and swollen, but as the scars start to heal, this will disappear.  Although the recovery time is short, your eyes may be sensitive for some time.  It is advisable not to do any strenuous activities for a period of time after the lower eyelid surgery.


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Asian Eyelid Surgery For Men – Double Asian Eyelid Surgery for Men

Asian eyelid surgery for men (double Asian eyelid surgery for men) creates a natural crease in the Asian eyelid.  This surgery does not change the ethnicity of Asian eyes, but it does give the eye a more open look.  About half the Asian population is born without a crease in their eyelids and the result is an unnecessarily tired or tense around the eye area.  Dr. Molnár will perform one of two different methods during Asian double eyelid surgeries: one technique is called the suture-method and the second technique is the incision-method.  


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Asian Eyelid Surgery for Men:  Suture-method

The suture-method technique does not require an incision.  Dr. Molnár uses sutures (stitches) also referred to as the Double Sutures and Twisting (DST) method, and is recommended for patients who don’t have excessive skin in the eye and forehead area.  The suture-method is best for patients with upper eyelids that don’t have much fat tissue and for patients without complex eye problems such as ptosis or retraction.  Dr. Molnár also suggests this technique for men can’t conceal an incision with make-up and also for patients who require a shorter healing period.  


Asian Eyelid Surgery for Men:  Incision-method

The incision-technique uses a small incision in the upper eyelid.  Dr. Molnár uses the incision-method to create a more prominent fold in the eyelid to open up the eye area and correct the appearance of tiredness or tenseness in the eyes.  Asian eyelid surgery with the incision technique is advisable for patients who have excess skin or fat in the eye and forehead area, patients who need a more prominent fold in their eyelids and patients who are over 30 years old.


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