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BeautyHungary can offer price quotes for surgery types not listed yet and continously extends its portofolio of cosmetic surgery procedures

Send your inquiry for our special offer in case of multiple surgeries combined.

Follow these simple steps:

Fill in the form or send us an e-mail along with photos of the area of your body that requires surgery.

We'll then send you the treatment plan (the main procedures to apply for in order to correct a part of your body). Additional information about the particular cosmetic surgery costs will be included. We will also provide vital facts related to the procedures that our surgeons will use during your surgery.

Our surgeons and staff care about you and will keep you updated on the entire process from the very first appointment and later with post operative, surgical follow-ups.

Important to know

    • » the listed prices above are introductory prices which can vary from one patient to the other depending on many factors

    • » each type of surgery is personalized to the patient's health condition prior a careful examination made by the surgeon

    • » the final quote will cover all surgical costs

    • » there won't be any extra or hidden cost in the final quote

    • » for a more acurate preconsultation always make sure you are sending a picture of the bodypart for which you need treatment (pictures won't be shared with third party organisations neither be used on websites unless the patient's agreement)

  • » BeautyHungary can offer price quotes for surgery types not listed yet and continously extends its portofolio of cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Autumn special offer

    Autumn offer

    BeautyHungary is offering big discounts off all cosmetic surgery procedures for its patients, including savings on breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, face lift and many more

    1. Mommy makeover OFFER


      Breast correction and tummy tuck combo surgery
      incl.surgery,anesthesia,3 nights at the clinic with 24 nurse service and catering,check ups, medications,garments. FREE airport transfer! more...

    2. See what others say:

      Elizabeth from Sydney, Australia

      "Hi Szilvia,

      I hope that you've been well. I'd like to thank you for your help in organising my operation at the clinic. It's now been two months since and everybody says that I look great and glowing. I've sent Dr Molnar some pictures taken three weeks after the operation - as he asked me to do... read more...

    3. Thinking about breast implants?

      Breast augmentation
      from only £2,560/ € 3200

      Breast lift and augmentation with implants
      from only £2,800/ € 3500

      Breast reduction
      from only £2,560€ 3200

    4. Mid or mini facelift

      Youthful and fresh appearance

      Reduce the first visible signs of aging.
      Take your chance and look as young as you feel! more info